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>> My Pharaohs >> in memoriam, females - Trixi

Intch such nuch, Top Pharaoh Hound bitch #2 1988
Antefa's Elodeah - "Trixi"

(Ch Antefa's Cnuphi-Chnum x Ch Antefa's Am-Baketaton)
May 22, 1985 - June 19, 1999

My first Pharaoh Hound
The most stubborn and smart little bitch ever, could trix her way out of anything.

Antefa's Cnuphi-Chnum
Nefers Akhesemer Ahr INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-80 Chasséllis Bahri Merenptah Merymut
Chasséllis Apapa
INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-83 Dufas Annina ?
Merymut Marna Merymut Beni Hasan Ch Kilcroney Seti Merymut
Kilcroney Nekhebi Merymut
GB CH Merymut Hetepheres Ch Kilcroney Rekhmire Merymut
Birling Zahara Merymut
IntUCh NordUCh
Enigma Shepenopet
S Ch Enigma Sceptre Int Nord Ch Merymut Khephri Fred of Safi (Malta)
Kilcroney Nekhebi Merymut
S & SF Ch Merymut Nephtys Ch Kilcroney Rekhmire Merymut
Kilcroney Nefertare Merymut
Int Nord Ch Caversfield Carmen GB Ch Kilcroney Rekhmire Merymut Twinley King Ka'a
Kilcroney Senjura
Tiyi (Malta) -


Antefa's Cnuphi-Chnum

IntUCh NordUCh
Enigma Shepenopet



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