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>> My Pharaohs >> in memoriam, males - Ramsan

AMCh, GBCh, International Champion, Nordic Ch, Swedish Ch, Finnish Ch, Danish Ch, Norwegian Ch, KBHJV-97 EUW-97 SV-98 NV-98 WW-98 FINW-99 NordV-99 EW-99, ENCI Champion Of The Year 2000, BDSG-00, Multi SBIS, WW-2001, Swedish LC Ch, WW-2002, DC, JC, SC, American Lure Coursing Champion & US DC
Top Pharaoh Hound in USA 2003! Best In Show Winner in USA!

Farao Anubis Ramses - "Ramsan"

(Ch Kbir Ramses El-Kabul X Ch Enigma Shining Hickory)
dob April 4th 1996 - July 19th 2010

Hips, OFA x-rayed at 8 years(!) old: Good
Eyes - clear, no signs of HC, PRA, RD or any changes (Dec -05)
Kidneys, liver, thyroid: normal (checked at age 2 & 8 years)
measured to 63 ½ cm, by Dr Göran Bodegård at SwedKC judges exam. (where judges become judges)
Weight: 26 Kg (kilos)
Complete bite

1998 Farao Anubis kennel, Antefa's, Swe
1998 Scheik's/Northgate's, Fin
1999 Of The Netherlands, NL
1999 Antefa's, Swe
2001 Farao Anubis
2002 Anharbn, UK
2003 Kamaraj, Kamaraj, Mia/Nefer-Temu/Hallam's, USA
2004 Hallam's, Hallam's, USA
2005 Hallam's, Hallam's, USA
2007 Reedly Road kennel, Russia

Best Of Breed at Crufts 2002
Best Of Breed at Westminster 2004
Best Of Breed at FCI World Winner Dog Shows 2001 & 2002 - BOS WW 1998

Top Pharaoh Hound In USA 2003
AKC All Breed Best In Show Winner 2003

Best Of Breed at Westminster 2004
Best Of Breed at Cruft's 2002
Three times World Winner, 1998, 2001 & 2002

Top Pharaoh Hound 1997
Top Pharaoh Hound male 1998 & 2000
Top Stud Dog 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003
Show Dog Of The Year # 20 in 2001 (Sweden, all breeds)

Winner of The Top 10 Event (Pharaoh Hound) USA 2003

Top Pharaoh Hound In England 2002 (Dog World System)
America's #6 Top Pharaoh Hound 2002 (all breed system)
America's #9 Top Pharaoh Hound 2002 (breed system)

Five times Specialty Best In Show winner:
USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, National Specialty, Texas, Julie Holm, September 16 2003, 90 entries.

USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, Western Specialty, Gary Doerge, July 25 2003, 53 entries.

USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, Eastern Specialty,
Carol Duffy, May 5 2003, 45 entries

Sweden, Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club, Southern Specialty, Peter Gatt, Malta, June 6 2000, 25 entries

Finland, Finnish Pharaoh Hound Club, Farkku Show,
André van den Broek, August 3 1997, 47 entries

16 Best In Groups at all breed KC Shows
in America, England, Sweden & Germany

Ramsan take part in one episode of the TV series "Sex And The City", where the girls go to a dog show

Ramsan take part in one episode of the TV series "Sex And The City", where the girls go to a dog show
Ramsan (Ram-sun) was the most sweet and loving and intelligent pharaoh hound you can imagine, people who gets to know him tell me he is almost humanlike, which I of course already knew! He was so calm and dignified, except on the coursing field, (where he become a maniac!) his favourite waste of time, he sure got the hunting instinct intact!

Ramsan have had an incredible show career, in many ways unique in Pharaoh Hound history, from his first year out in the rings which gave him Top Pharaoh Hound only one year old in 1997, and throughout his life until his last year of showing, 2003, which rendered him Top PH in USA. His last show was Westminster in February 2004, where he won Best Of Breed almost 8 years old, and by this crowning his long career in the same high style as he lived it, and making him end it at the very top. Ramsan is now retired from showing for the rest of his life. But he has many great sons and daughters to carry on his proud heritage and beautiful traits, to many more generations and shows to come.

Ramsan was a true king among Pharaohs, and THE Pharaoh in my life!
Ramsan's Cruft's critic from judge Zena Thorn-Andrews: The winner has absolutely exquisite head, elegant arched neck, sound front, good bone, strong pasterns, good quarters, well carried tail, in such tough hard condition and a good colour.

"Five wonderful BOB winners standing there before me. Fifth was a top quality Pharaoh Hound, that moved like a well oiled machine. It was a thrill to watch this one move so effortlessly and still be so correct in structure and type".

Judge Pat Ide, Huzzah greyhounds USA, wrote this about Ramsan at Skokloster Sighthound Specialty 2000, in the Best In Show final.

This is what André van den Broek, "Of The Netherlands" Pharaoh's in Holland, wrote when Ramsan won the Finnish Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty 1997, over 46 entries.

"My BOB-winner was a superb male, one of the best I've ever seen. ---one with a very nice future ahead! Of course my BOS (Antefas Kahira) was also a lovely type, beautiful overall, and she has been already a great winner in the ring, but the male had a little bit more of the rich tan that made him even more spectacular. What a nice combination these two would make in the breeding."


IntCh DKCh LUXCh LP1 JWW-89 KBHV-90-91
Kbir Ramses El-Kabul
Ch Fallohide King Ramses Tutankhamon Ch Starky
Ch Ryttergårdens Nefrit
Sabah Ch Starky
Ch Ryttergårdens Mythra
Ch Shema's Khantessa Ch Twinley King Sesostris Ch Twinley King Akhnaten
Ch Twinley Queen Sekeeta
Ch Changa's Shema Suntorri Ch Shema's Thoueris
Ch Changa's Narsissas Of Re
IntCh NordCh
Top Pharaoh Hound 2002
Enigma Shining Hickory
Ch Antefa's Jabbah Kaa Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis Ch Fallohide King Ramses
Ch Leetbank Arusa
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah Ch Antefa's Bchepherure
Ch Antefa's Crio-Sphinx
Ch Enigma Sophia Ch Merymut Adonis Ch Merymut Aquarius
Merymut Chety
Ch Enigma Saphira Ch Antefa's Chnupi-Chnum
Ch Enigma Shepenopet


IntCh DKCh LUXCh LP1 JWW-89 KBHV-90-91
Kbir Ramses El-Kabul

IntCh NordCh Top Pharaoh Hound 2002
Enigma Shining Hickory



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