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>> My Pharaohs >> in memoriam, males - Plupp

INTCH AKC AMCH GBCH Multi FinW-04, SUCH, FinCh, EW-06, FinW-06, FinW-07 SBIS BISS
Farao Anubis Ikaros - "Plupp"

(Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin X Ch Antefa's Kahira)
Male, January 8th 2003 - January 15th 2016
Eyes - clear, no signs of HC, PRA, RD or any changes (Dec -05)
height: 63½ cm (25")
weight: 27 Kg (59,5lbs)
Complete bite

2005: at Of The Netherlands (NL) & "D" litter at Faouziah's Kennels (SWE)
2006: at Kennels Lyncris (UK) & "B" litter at Northgate's (FIN)
2007: "D" litter at Northgate's (FIN)
2008: "E" litter at Reedly Road (RUS)
2010: Farao Anubis Litter #8, Farao Anubis Litter #9
2012: "C" litter and "D" litter at El Negma (CZ)

Best In Show Winner!
Crufts Best Of Breed Winner 2008

Top Pharaoh Hound dog in England 2005 - The PH Club system!
Top Pharaoh Hound in UK 2005 - Dog World System!

BOB and BIS-R at Skokloster/Lövudden Sighthound Club Show 2008
Best In Show at a Sighthound Club Show 2007
BIS at English Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty 2005 & 2006
BIS at Finnish Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty "Farkkushow" 2006
European Winner 2006
Group Winner in UK
International Champion
American Champion
English Champion
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Best In Show Puppy Winner 2003
at Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty ShowTammsvik/Skokloster
BOS at Swedish PH Club Skokloster/Lövudden Specialty 2009

7 English CC's, 7 BOBs & Group 1st & 3rd in UK
BIS 1, BIS 2 & BOG 2 in Sweden
several BOB's and BOS'es in USA, Swe & UK
LC license


26-07-2014, Swedish national specialty - BOS Veteran (38 PHs, judge Karin Hedberg)


"An exceptional dog. They don't come any better than this." - Espen Engh

photo by Erika Tönder

Plupp is a very sweet, smart, calm and easy-to-have PH. And he's also a very funny little person! His friends knows that whenever you get a firm nudge from behind, Lilla Plupp is around! Of all my PHs, Plupp is my very favourite temperament-wise, and is the one of Kahira's kids that is the most similar to her in temperament. He never make any fuzz or troubles, and have always a wish to please. And best of all, his outside is equally as beautiful as his inside! Just as his "big brother" Ramsan!

Plupp is super elegant yet substanced, medium sized, dark tan, very eye-catchy and with noble high head carriage both on the move and standing, have great movements and extremely beautiful head and expression. Many, many PH-people and PH-breeders says and writes me that Plupp is just gorgeous! I know he is... I'm sure this young boy has a very bright future, and I know he will be a true benefit for our breeding program later on!


Plupp Best Of Breed at Crufts 2008
(Deborah Diamond (breed) & Zola Rawson (group)

(photo in the middle) Plupp BOB & BIS-R at Skokloster Sighthound Specialty 2008
Judges Bo Bengtsson (breed) & Gilberto Grandi (BIS)


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Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin
Reserve CC-winner in UK

IntCH Nordch WW-98 -00 -01
Antefa's Kahira



© Farao Anubis