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My Paintings
Below you can see some of my Pharaoh Hound paintings!
The Paintings are from about 1990-1998

Farao Anubis Ramses, watercolour 1997  PH head in oil, 1992, Antefas Kahira 5 months old, 1994, watercolour

Our kennels logo, drawn by me

Farao Anubis Ramses, watercolour 1997 Antefas Kahira, watercolour 1997

Ramsan 5 months old, suckling the sofa - as usual

standing PH, watercolour, 1996 TRAD, watercolour, 1996

dött lopp, watercolour, 1996

Kahira & Napi, watercolour, 1996




© Farao Anubis