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News - Archive - 2019/2018

   16.12.2019, Millie 9 år fick dammas av och blev 2a som del i norska landslaget :-) och top 10 individuellt där hon visades jättefint på stora Stockholm, NM i juniorhandling. Bruno gick det sämre för, han fick en ung dansk tjej att bryta ihop i tårar och lämna tillbaks honom. Vad kan man säga mer än förlåt, och lite snopet och pinsamt kändes det. Hon klarade inte av Bruno alls, som kräver en fast hand annars far han rätt upp i luften upprepade gånger eller skäller backar och bråkar. I rasen ställde jag bara Bruno som for och flängde något för mig också, och blev 2a i sin klass. Behöver helt klart mer träning.


   15.12.2019, Christmas show / Farao Anubis Leviathan aka Liam
Ring judge Rony Doedijns, Netherlands BIS juniors judge Laurent Pichard
Best of breed and juniors BIS 3 place ! Potos by Svetlana Pustavalova and Jelena Tupalskaja.


  13.12.2019 / Abs and Luppa (Ch Farao Anubis Just Smashing) won their owner handler breed today and showed well in group. Couldn’t be more proud.

photos taken by David Woo © 2019

  02.12.2019 / Double CACIB show in Praha, Czechia, Radek (Caletto Falkenhoff Radeberger) was presented for us there, and he did great :) !
30.11.2019 - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOS (full results here)
01.12.2019 - CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB, Prague Winner (full results here)

Photo by family Nevecna, thank you !

  19.11.2019 / a few show updates for our Farao Anubis kids :):

17.11.2019 - NAT Raciborz / Zakrzow, breed judge was Mrs Ewa Górska.
BOB, JBOB, JCAC for Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran).

NAT Raciborz, 12 months old

16.11.2019 - It was a day of mail for Abby and Luppa! She was the #5 in the country for owner handled pharaoh hounds! And now It’s official! She’s now GCH DC Farao Anubis Just Smashing! Yay team Luppa!

02.-03. 11.2019 / Blondie, Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis had her first Indoor show in Junior class. She was her happy-self in the ring and acted like that. She got and excellent 1, in junior class. Junior CAC and res. CAC. Congratulations Anneke and Ad !

photos by owners

Thank you Karin Jenniskens van Gerven for the pictures

  05.11.2019 / Our little guy sold to Estonia, is on fire! Huge congratulations to his owner Heidy Rüütel-Tuul ! He is just super! Thanks for taking such good care of him, and have him shown so well! /proud breeder !

2-3.11.2019 Tartu INT 2xCACIB
BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR 3 with СерĐłеи ĐźŃƒŃ Ń‚овалов on the second day!!!

Big thanks to the judges Harri Lehkonen - breed ring, Jason Hoke - Jun bis ring, Victor Lobakin - breed ring, Ichiro Ishikawa - jun bis ring, for the high appreciation of Liam!!!

  Last weekend (19.-20.10.2019), Miss Reba (Farao Anubis Iskandaria) left the tranquility of her retirement to participate with her friends in the World Cup Sighthound 2019 in Belgium.
In addition to having a great weekend of friendship and fun, Reba won the titles of:
Winner World Veteran Cup Sighthound'19
Winner Veteran Belgian Sighthound Club '19

can not forget to mention the BOB Veteran and finally the BOS. Huge congratulations Christine, so proud of you both !

photo by owner

  12.10.2019, Zabrze National Dog Show (Poland), BOB, JBOB, JCAC for Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran).

  06.09.2019 Luppa had a great day lure coursing today, going BIF ! Pending AKC approval, she is now a dual champion ! Congratulations Petra and you Bekki !

  08.09.2019 FLORACANIS Olomouc (Czechia)
Best In Group 5th, Shortlisted to best 5 at Junior BIG, BOB, JBOB, JCAC for Farao Anubis Aldebaran aka Lucas. Not bad for just 9 months old baby :). Congratulations !

  Thursday Sep 5th / PHCA Western Regional Specialty / Judge Mrs Linda Scanlon - Luppa (GCH CH Farao Anubis Just Smashing) was Award of Merit ! Proud of her !

  31.08.2019 / INT Rybnik (Poland) - BOB, CACIB, CWC + POLISH CHAMPION title for Blobb (NW Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov). Proud of our boy !

  31.08.2019 / Czech PH club show - Excellent 1 in "darling" class for Invi (Ch Farao Anubis Invictus). Congratulations Michal !

  25.08.2019 / Idag var det debut i juniorklass för småttingarna Blondie (Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis) och Bruno. Blondie fick cert och blev BT3.

  25.08.2019 / Farao Anubis Leviathan 9 months / NDS in Uuemõisa BOB, Brand new Estonian Junior Champion, BIS 5 GROUP 4, BIS JUNIOR 3 !!! Handled by Kristiina Tupalskaja. Huge congratulations Heidy !

Photo by very extreamly talanted Kristiina Tammik

  IND 18.08.2019 Luige / Farao Anubis Leviathan, Liam - Ring judge Jelena Kruus Estonia, BIS judge Cathy Delmar, Ireland - BOS, Junior BOB, CAC, Crufts qualification, BIS JUNIOR 2 ! Handled by Kristiina Tupalskaja.
17.08.19 IDS Luige / Ring judge: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena, Belgium - His first junior CAC, Junior BOB and BOS
Congratulations Heidy !

  10.08.2019 / Their last chance in puppy class, days short of 9 months. Best of breed puppy and later BIS 4) Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis "Blondie" (and me) and best of opposite puppy Farao Anubis L'Kahiro (Uno-Brun) at Swedish Sighthound club specialty, Strömsholm/Skokloster Summer Shows July 28. Judge Marie Gadolin. Many thanks to handler help Maria Weinehall and great photo from Simon Tien Hansen.

  We are devastated to hear of Lila's tragic and untimely passing. We are thinking of her sweet owners Ad and Anneke. Run free Sweetheart ...
24.07.2017 - 09.08.2019 Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra

  04.08.2019 / Vackra Konrad, Farao Anubis Luxor, snart 9 mån, blev BIR valp i Ransäter medan vi var på Strömsholm. Första utställningen i sitt nya hem. Grattis!

  And some new photos of our keepers, Bruno (Farao Anubis L'Kahiro) with sister Blondie (Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis).

  27.-28.07.2019 / ... show updates again :) !
We only showed one day at Skokloster/Strömsholm specialties, as I judged the other. Also because of that I only brought the two pups, of which the girl, Blondie /Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis/, was Best of Breed puppy, and later Best in Show 4 puppy. The not very good photo is from the BIS final. I lost the bait bag running in, so was hard to pull her forward on the stack.

  22.07.2019 / ... show updates again :) !

NDS Tartumaa - and Farao Anubis Leviathan
20.07 Ring judge Kalvo Kriisk and BIS judge Inese Pablaka + 21.07 Ring and BIS judge Maria Ceccarelli
BOTH days BIS puppy 1 !!! Nr 1 puppy selected by the sponsor ! Huge congratulations Heidy !

photos by Svetlana Pustovalova and Jelena Tupalskaja, thank you !

  19.06.2019 / And more show updates again :) !

16.06.2019 / NDS in Luige - BOB puppy for Liam (Farao Anubis Leviathan) there ! Huge congratulations Heidy !

14.06.2019 / May 2019 stats are out. Luppa is ranked #10 Breed #4 all breed #12 Grand champion and handled all by Abby who happens to also be #1 junior and #5 owner handler. So proud of how well these girls work as a team and thank you to the many judges who have recognized it.
Thank you and congratulations to Bekki for being Abby's mentor and a huge part of our village! And thank you to our K9 Lifeline family for all your love and support!

  11.06.2019 / Show updates again :) !

09.06.2018 - IDS Bytom, Poland. CWC with res. CACIB for Blobb (NW Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov) here :) !

02.06.2018 - Estonian Winner IDS brough Liam (Farao Anubis Leviathan) another super great win in finals, where he took reserve BIS puppy in a huge entry ! Huge congratulations Heidy ! Video from puppy BIS ring can be seen here.

photos by owner

01.06.2019 / NVOW clubmatch - here Lila (Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra) took CLUBWINNER 2019 with BOB ! Huge congratulations Anneke and Ad !

30.05.2019 / Jag och Minea tog valparna till Gubbängen inoff idag. Minea vann till sin glädje, BIR valp och BIG 3 valp med Blondie, Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis, 7 mån. BIM blev stilige Uno-Brun, Farao Anubis L'Kahiro.

26.05.2019 / Mouse, Farao Anubis Kanel, took B.O.S./WB ! Congratulations !

  19.05.2019 / Show updates for kids out of our "L" litter. They makes me so proud !

18.05.2018 - Liam (Farao Anubis Leviathan) Speciality Show for Central-Asia and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs held within the Show for Group II and V, Estonia - BEST IN SHOW puppy !!! Huge congratulations Heidy !


11.05.2019 - Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran) Regional show Hlucin, Czech republic - reserve BIS puppy !!!

Lucas / photo by Zuzana Nedavaskova & Manon Lescaut

10.03.2019 Svvk Upplands Väsby, Sweden - Bruno (Farao Anubis L'Kahiro) reserve BIS puppy !!! Brother Konrad (Farao Anubis Luxor) best puppy male 2 ! Blondie (Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis) had show training this day.

/ /
Bruno / Konrad / Blondie

  03.05.2019 / Show updates for our boy Blobb (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov);
07.04.2019 / NAT Ostrava (CZ), judge Mrs Bc. Mikolková - Betinská Zuzana (SK) / CAC, CAC-CMKU, BOB, National Winner
17.03.2019 / NAT Raciborz/Zakrzow (Poland), judge Mr Tomasz Kuszyk / CWC, BM, BOB

  10.02.2019 - Show updates for our boy Blobb (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov).
03.02.2019 - INT Brno (Czechia), CAC and res.CACIB. 09.02.2019 - INT Katowice (Poland), CWC.

  24.11.2018 - Estonia / Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju - CAC, BM-1, BOS & new Estonian Champion ! congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

  20.11.2018 - We received good news on J’adore’s health results - her hip evaluation is rated as “Good”. She has now passed all recommended health tests (Eyes, hips, patella, and thyroid) plus cardiac and elbows. Just waiting on OFA to finish processing the paperwork to generate the other certificates and assigning her CHIC # !

  18.11.2018 - Another great day today for Abby and Luppa (Farao Anubis Just Smashing). They got two group 1, Best Junior and another Best In Show! Icing on the cake is Luppa became a new UKC champion this weekend. They are becoming a great team!

  17.11.2018 - Abby and Luppa KILLED IT today! Resulting in a Best Junior and Best in Show! Such an amazing team! Here are some pictures from today.

  14.10.2018 - EURODOGSHOW - Warsaw, Poland
Stunning Pasha (ICh, MCh, MW Farao Anubis Infra Red) is European Veteran Winner 2018, BOB Veteran !
Huge congratulations Anastasija ! So proud of you both !

Photo by Aleksandrs Borodajenko, thank you !

Our Blobben (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov) was presented at NDS Rybnik (Poland) and he did great there !
Reserve Junior BIG, BOB and Junior BOB for him that day ! Proud of him !

Our baby boy Blobben (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov), developing beautifully ! Now 14 months old.

Stunning Red's and Millie's daughter Jadore (GCH DC Farao Anubis J'Adore, SC), taking GROUP 4th in May 2018. So proud of her ! Congratulations Jayme Jones, Don Delmore & Libby Leone !

New INTERNATIONAL champion of beauty - SBIS, MultiCh, WCLUB Farao Anubis Jaipur aka Cava
- Huge congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

BIF DC GCh Farao Anubis Just Smashing
- "Luppa" Took lure coursing today. What a great day. Watching her run is amazing, she loves to run!
She went BOB and then had a fantastic run against a gorgeous greyhound. They made the judges work for it and the Greyhound took it by a smidge.

Very proud of Barth Clooten and Tawfik (Ch Farao Anubis Inferno). Back to back OH Best in Shows and a Hound Group One in Lexington, KY after the National.

and junior-Eurosighthoundwinner for Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra “Lila” today ! Huge congratulations Anneke and Ad !
Lila was presented also at WDS 12.8. and took 3rd place in a strong junior class !

  30.07.2018 / While we were losing at Skokloster/Strömsholm summer shows, our breeding and Finnish export, Farao Anubis Jakira, Dana, was flying our flag in Estonia, winning the group! Huge congratulations Niina Touhonen showing the gorgeous Milli copy Dana so well! She is out of Lileos Sunshine Daydream and Farao Anubis Ikara "Milli".


  29.07/2018 - Today at Skokloster summer show Lila (Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra) was 2nd best junior bitch. Very pleased with the results this weekend.


  28.07/2018 - Some pictures of my dogs/breedings from Strömsholm weekend. Thanks Johanna Vanerud!
Roger (Farao Anubis Golden Gait) Best male 2nd at 9,5 years age, at our Swedish PH specialty today, he was also BOB Veteran and latter BIS Veteran, 38 entries for Bitte Ahrens. Blobben (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov) 2nd in a big juniorclass and res CC and sort of 5th in best male. Our imported Radek (Ch Caletto Falkenhof Radeberger) was 2nd in open class. Milli (Ch Farao Anubis Ikara) best bitch 4th. Lila, Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra won her class and took BOB Junior then was BIS junior and also got res CC in best bitch ! What a day for our kennel !

Farao Anubis Khalila Teterra "Lila" winning BOB junior and later BIS junior at PH club show. Lila to the left.

Placement junior males class. Farao Anubis Ramsan Kadyrov/Blobben 2nd


Placement open class males, Radek/Caletto Falkenhof Radeberger, 2nd.


BIF DC GCh Farao Anubis Just Smashing
- our stunning "Luppa" is new AKC Champion !!! She also was WB/BOW Sept 2017 PHCA NATIONAL Weekend Supported Entry 5 point major. Judge: Mr. Whitney Coombs Handled by: Bekki Pina.

  08.07.2018 National Club specialty show Russia
SBIS-18, multi-CH Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar Niju, "Cava" - WCLUB, BOB

  25.03.2018 / Blobben (Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov) and Mus (Farao Anubis Kanel) went to their first show today! Swedish sighthound club specialty. Blobb was BIS 2 puppy and Mus Best of opposite puppy. Both with very nice critiques. Gorgeous Rams-look-alike Blobben in puppy BIS, 8 months old. Thank you for the lovely photos, Johanna Vanerud!


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