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News - Archive - 2017-2016

  18.07.2017 - photo news :)
Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis, "Red" - thank you Reedly Road team !

  08.07.2017 - Show and health news :)
Nat.Dog Show, Russia (4 PHs)
Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju aka Cava - JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIS Jun-5 (33 dogs)!
- HD A\A ! Huge congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

  09.06.2017 - Photo news :)

Farao Anubis Just Smashing / Caletto Falkenhoff Radeberger / Farao Anubis Hallam Kahira / Farao Anubis Ikara
Thank you team Reedly Road for those stunning shots !

Show news :) ! National PH specialty, Viborg, Russia / Judge Eli-Marie Klepp (Norway),11 ph entered.
Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju aka CavaBOB Junior and National breed club Junior Champion!
Cava's Health tests were done on May 19, 2017 - OFA normal (eyes clear), Patella 0/0
Big congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

- Show news :) ! Chief Solano Kennel Club Show. Under Patricia Ulloa for breed and Ronald Hoh for puppy group, baby J'adore, Farao Anubis J'adore took RWB, Best Puppy in Breed and PUPPY GROUP 1 in a huge competitive puppy hound group! Congratulations Jayme and Don!

- And more show news :) !! Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju aka Cava, International dog show St-Petersburg - CW, JCAC, BOB! Huge congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

Western Specialty weekend / USA. J'adore, Farao Anubis J'adore won WB for a 5pt major at the supported entry on Sunday ! Congratulation Jayme and Don !

IDS Narva Dog Show, Estonia, Judge Zlatko Kraljic (Croatia)
Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju aka Cava - CW, JCAC, BOS, Estonian Junior Champion! You rock boy :) ! Huge congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

  26-02-2017, excitting show news, new member of our PH gang :) !
     Upplands Väsby Swedish sighthound club. Judge Jean-Luis Grunheid, France. Our Radek, the new member of our pack (Ch Caletto Falkenhoff Radeberger, Polish import), welcomed himself to Sweden in a style :) ! Just only a few days with us, and at his first show he did great ! became NEW Swedish Champion, with first Swedish CAC and BM-2 ! Little Luppa (Farao Anubis Just Smashing) did not stay behindhand and took her first Swedish CAC as well ! What a day :) ! Proud of my red-nosed babies ! Photos to follow :) !

Radek / Luppa
photos by Johanna Vanerud

     Also got news on Cava from Russia ! Today at International dog show he took - JunCAC, BJ, BOB ! and so he become Russian Junior Champion ! Congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

Farao Anubis Jakira aka Dana today at her first official show, Cert & BOB, Judge Unto Timonen. Congratulations Niina !

Double NDS in Saint-Petersburg.
First dog show in junior class for Cava (Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlars Niju) - 2xJCAC, 2x JuniorBOB, 2xBOB !
Sadly this time owners couldn't stay for finals. Big Congratulations Maria and Ekaterina !

Photo by Irina Malikova, thank you !

Farao Anubis Jakira aka Dana, 9 months old :) ! What a stunning young lady. Thank you Niina !

- New photos of baby J'Adore (Farao Anubis J'Adore, living in USA) 8 months old. Thank you Don for them !
- And also new photos of her brother Cava (Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju, living in Russia), thank you Maria and Ekaterina :) !



  11-12-2016 - Our sold/bred puppy Farao Anubis Jakira (white outfit) won Best of Breed puppy at prestigious Finnish Winner show in Helsinki today! Huge congratulations Niina Touhonen! :-) Im so happy and proud of you!

BOB puppy Jakira on the left, and BOS puppy - Siphras Cooling All Girls

  27-11-2016 - NAT Narva (Estonia) "NARVA KKS", Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis, "Red": ex, CAC, BOS / NEW ESTONIAN Champion !!! Proud of him !

  12-10-2016 - Good bye sweet Zaza (Farao Anubis Lileophsis). Our condolences to family Hansson.


  09-10-2016 - Luppa, FA Just Smashing, BOB puppy 4-6 months, and latter in finals she was puppy BIS#4 ! Enköping Swedish Sighthound club, judge Paul Stanton. 11 PHs.

  04-10-2016 - Cava, Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju

  03-10-2016 - A couple pictures of Farao Anubis J'Adore. Happy and inquisitive little girl.

  02-10-2016 - Show news for our "J" kids :) !
- National dog show, Saint-Petersburg, Russia / Judge Marina Patrina
Cava, Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju - Ex. Best baby

- At Finland, Valkeala puppy show, judge Eeva Resko / his sister Dana, Farao Anubis Jakira, presented for very first time, took puppy BIG1!

So proud of our babies ! BiG congratulations to owners !


  22-09-2016 - Some memories ... Little L'Odéah between her parents Bibbi and Ramsan, 12 years ago / 1998. The red flowers are from Bibbi's WW-win

  10/11-09-2016 - IDS in Minsk, Belorussia, Judge Jean Blanjino (France) & Iuza Beradze (CZ)
Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis - 2x BOB, 2x CACIB, BLR Champion, Grand Belorussia !!

  07-09-2016 - Time to say goodbye... To our oldest, Gulan, Farao Anubis Shakira 17/9 2004 - 7/9 2016. By Lileo's Orpheus x Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina (Ramsan x Kahira). The stubborn Princess who refused to take part in anything, hated both showing and coursing. She had a successful litter by our Roger, bred by Marie Richmond in England in 2011. If remembered at all, she will be as mum to the two faboulously successful siblings Naqada Shaken Not Stirred "Reef" and Naqada Diamonds are Forever "Evie", both Uk champions and with several BoB and Bos, often together, at KC shows and PH specialties. Which made Gulan Top Brood Bitch in England at least two years in a Row. Not to forget Ch Naqada Diamonds Are Forever "Bonya" in Russia and Ch Naqada The World IS Not Enough "Bruno" in Czech. Sweet, modest Gulan, but very demanding with cries and whines for disability services from her owners day and night. Goodbye, we will miss you. Sort of.

  07-08-2016 - show updates :) !
- 06.08.2016 International dog show, Pskov, Russia, Judge Nenad Davidovic.
Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis - CACIB, BOB.
- 30.07.2016 National Pharaoh hound Specialty, Viborg, Judge Yana Gavrilova (Russia)
Farao Anubis Jaipur Litlar's Niju - Best baby
Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis - BM, Best of Breed, National Club Champion and

  08-07-2016 - NEW NORDIC CHAMPION ! Today at the International KC show in Tvååker, Sweden, sweet & handsome Tawfik (US Grand Champion, Norwegian Champion, Danish Champion, Multi BIS FARAO ANUBIS INFERNO) finished his SWEDISH champion title! During his short stay in Scandinavia - with Simon Hansen, Tawfik has finished his Norwegian, Danish and Swedish champion titles (--> Nordic Champion) - and all on his very first try! Way to go, Tawfik!

  30-04-2016 - Speciality Show Riga. The main judge György Tesics - Remember Me Faranubis Bahar aka Ebba BOB and SBIS4 with the best description ever!!! Many many thanks.

  23-04-2016 - US Grand Champion Gold, Norwegian Champion, Multi BIS FARAO ANUBIS INFERNO "Tawfik" won BOB under Mr. Des Manton (Ireland) and Group 3rd under Mr. Per-Kristian Andersen (Norway) at a national all breed show outside Oslo today! Tawfik enjoys his holidays with Simon Hansen :) !

photos by Simon Hansen

  08-04-2016 - New photo of our 3,5 year old 'Putte' (SweCh Delicious Dumpling El Negma), thank you ‎Helena Johansson‎  and Malin Fyrberg !

  16-02-2016 - Congratulations to our breeding AMCh Farao Anubis Inferno, "Tawfik", and his owners Debbie Cooper, Barth Cloten and Jennifer Mosing, going Best male and Best Of Opposite Sex at prestigious Westminster Dog Show in New York, yesterday! We are so happy and proud! Also congratulations to our grandson Apollinaire Hallam Carpe Viam, Ragnar's son for AOM at Westminster. Link to video of the competition here.

AMCh Farao Anubis Inferno, "Tawfik"

Ch Apollinaire Hallam Carpe Viam
(by Farao Anubis Icarus x Arrulent Anippe Extra Special)

  15-01-2016 - Today we made the dreaded last trip with Plupp. Plupp was very special to me, and I'm sure to some other people as well. It came suddenly. Plupp was 13 years and 6 days old. He will live on forever in his many wonderful kids and grandkids around the world. Plupp made some magic in the rings through many years. He was one of a kind, from a litter of only two, with rare new bloodline. Most of all was he super sweet and kind, the easiest pharaoh to have. He was very funny and had his very own special humor, always ready to sneak up his nose under unknown and known, women's skirts and poke them from behind, then giving off the biggest smile when they jumped or screamed. He did this to the end. But often in ques at shows. Having his own decided time when to go to bed at night, forcing me to join him. Same with food, he knew the clock/time. Run free, beautiful soul, and rest in peace. I love you so much. Plupp was Farao Anubis Ikaros, Swedish, English, American, international, Nordic, Danish, Finnish champion. European winner 2006, Crufts Best of breed 2008, Westminster AOM winner 2011. skokloster Best of Breed under Bo Bengtsson 2008 over a record entry of 58. He was Best in show winner and specialty Best in show winner in England and Sweden. Group winner in England. Top stud dog in UK for two years. Top pharaoh hound in England in 2005 Dog world system and Top dog, pharaoh hound club system.


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