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News - Archive - 2014-2015


  15-12-2015 - Stockholm hundmässa '15, Best Male 3rd with CAC for Red (Lileos Sunshine Daydream), photos by Johanna Vanerud - thank you !!!

  22-09-2015 - New photo of stunning Tawfik (Farao Anubis Inferno /out of Farao Anubis Ikaros x Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi/), taking Best of Group 1st ! Photo by Malinda Julien. Handled by Ania Kelly.

  04-09-2015 - Me and Roger, Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait, with judge Dagmar Pordham Kenis after Roger winning Best of Breed at prestigious worlds biggest sighthound show, Strömsholm (Skokloster) Summer show, July 2015. About 30 entries. This was the third time he won this, I believe. First time was also with Best in show win in the group, 2011.

  31-08-2015 - Huge congrats to our beautiful boy Tawfik, Farao Anubis Inferno, and his owners, in USA for Best In Show wins this weekend in Oklahoma !!!

  23-08-2015 -Red (Lileos Sunshine Daydream) won his first CC today!

  25-07-2015 - Roger (Farao Anubis Golden Gait) Best of Breed at Skokloster/Strömsholm Swedish sighthound club today! Judge Dagmar Pordham Kenis, 35 entries (I think). Reddi (Lileos Sunshine Daydream) reserve CC. Millie (Farao Anubis Ikara) Best bitch 3.

Reddi (pic by Simon Hansen) / Millie (pic by Johanna Vanerud)
Thank you both !

  13-06-2015 - World Dog Show, Milano (I) - res.CACIB & Vice World Winner 2015 and CAC for Pashis (ICh, MCh Farao Anubis Infra Red) !

  20-04-2015 - Congratulations Reddi (Lileos Sunshine Daydream) and siblings on your 1 yearold birthday today!

  04-04-2015 - Today, our 11 months old "Red" took Junior Winner title at Swedish Winner Show 2015. Now we can call him SJW-15 Lileo's Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis. Photos by Simon Hansen - thank you !

27-03-2015 - Grattis Roger, Päshis, Violet, Ramiro, Kenya (unfortunately in heaven) and Mogge-Mogul on your 6th birthday today! (our 7th litter out of Pi and Babe).

20-03-2015 - forgot mentioned, that our beautiful Millie (Farao Anubis Ikara) is now Swedish and Finnish Champion ! We also updated pedigree for our upcoming litter, you can see it at the puppy page.

10-03-2015 - Cruft's 2015. Rosie (Ch Farao Anubis Ipanema) was presented there for our team. She was "VHC" in a very strong class (means Very Highly Commended :) ! Huge congratulations Rosie and Alina ! Proud of you ! Photo by Graham Reeve - thank you !

21-02-2015 - BOB, CC, New Champion: Putte/Delicious Dumpling El Negma! Bm-2 res.CC: Red/Lileos Sunshine Daydream. Judge Sofie Lönn. Latter in finals Red ended with Junior BIS #3 !

Putte 2years / Red 10months (pic out of finals by Johanna Vanerud, thank you!)

18-02-2015 - So proud to announce that I have (once again) bred the Top Pharaoh hound in USA 2014! (All breed system) AmCH Farao Anubis Inferno "Tawfik" out of Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros & Ch Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi. A huge congrats to his owners Debbie Cooper and Barth Clothen for this accomplishment and for making this possible! This is second time my small kennel managed to produce the number one pharaoh in USA, first time was of course Tawfik's famous grand sire Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" in 2003. Its amazing what can be done with no money and from a small flat :) imagine what could be with the opposite. Wish at least to be able to breed more often, (Tawfik being from my last litter, 4 years ago, not getting fat on that, hehe) to get ahead with my breeding programme and be able to produce more top class pharaohs. But maybe one day, we will se :)

24-01-2015 - Reddi, Putte, Millie out running in the snow.

(Reddi - my import from CA, USA - Lileo Sunshine Daydream Farao Anubis! First Lileo PH to Sweden!
Born April 20, 2014 - out of AmCh DC Farao Anubis Apollo Of Lileo X AmCh Springdown Bija Aztec Gold)

09-01-2015 - Forgot Plupp's (Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros) 12th birthday yesterday! So congrats Plupp 12, Elvis 80, and David Bowie 70 something?

A few new photos from Swed PH club specialty 2014:

- Farao Anubis Hallam Kahira "Kiki"

- Farao Anubis Ikara "Millie"

- Delicious Dumpling El Negma "Putte"

Bazinga A Storm of Swords, Delicious Dumpling El Negma, Faouziah's Faramir



23-10-2014 - European Winner 2014 and Best of Breed (with Czech Champion title on the top of all) in Czechia today, Ch Farao Anubis Infra Red "Päshis"! Huge congratulations to Co-owner and handler Anastasia Smolova! This means our kennel has bred both World Winner and European Winner this year in the litter siblings Päshis and Roger :) ! Full results here.
Farao Anubis Invictus was Excellent at Champion class
Farao Anubis Impala took res.CAC at Open class

08-10-2014 - our PUPPY plans page updated.

25-09-2014 - Sleep well, my Blondie... The third Blondie I had, and the last. She had a long good life, lived half her life with me and last half in Russia, where she did very well to old age, and she got very old. Thanks Masha for caring for Blondie so well, until her last days.

International, Swedish, Finnish, Irish, Slovenian, Belgian, Russian, Lithuanian, Montenegro, Ukrainian,
Belorussian, Romanian, Hungarian, RKF Champion
BOS at CRUFTS-2007, Top brood bitch in England - 2006, EuroWinner-2009
10.08.2001 - 25.09.2014

14-09-2014 - Iris (ICh, MCh, MW Farao Anubis Impala) is now Finnish Champion !!! Iris so far has 14 adult Champion titles ! Congratulations Anastasia !

11-09-2014 - Cape Code KC show (PHCA supported entry), 37 PHs - Best of Breed for Tawfik (Ch Farao Anubis Inferno) ! Congrats to owners Debbie Cooper and Barth Clooten !

05-09-2014 - Rosie (Ch Farao Anubis Ipanema) - was 1st Open Bitch, BB and Best of Breed at Richmond champ show ! She also got shortlisted in a group. Congratulations Alina !

BEST OF BREED at World Dog Show 2014
for "Roger"
Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait
full results here
FCI V, finals video.

Roger and me, Maria Evteeva and RR John Bull, Anna Karuna and RR High Five, placed in that order at world dog show, chsmpion males.
photo copyright by Karuna team

photo copyright by HOTdog Magazine

photo left copyright by Maaria Viirsalu /
One more of me and Roger from World Dog show in Helsinki last weekend. Photo copyright by Todd Foley

photo copyright by

Roger/Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gate, in the finals at world Winner show in Helsinki.
Pics by Kinuka Goto and Patrycja Buczyñska - thank you ! (A Podenco canario behind)

  • Putte (Delicious Dumpling El Negma) got excellent 1st rating in intermediate class.
  • Ebba (Remember me FaraoAnubis Bahar) won open bitches.
  • Millie (Farao Anubis Ikara) was excellent 4th in champion bitches.

05-08-2014 - Great weekend for Ebba in Adazhi !
26.07.2014 CACIB - Remember Me FaraoAnubis Bahar - CACIB, BOB (3 ph entered)
27.07.2014 CAC - Remember Me FaraoAnubis Bahar - BOB, BEST IN GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 3rd!

26-07-2014 - BEST IN SHOW at our swedish "national specialty": Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait "Roger"! Best of opposite sex, and NEW Swedish CHAMPION: Farao Anubis Hallam Kahira "Kiki"! Which im most happy about! She does take her CCs at our specialty! Ch Farao Anubis Ikara "Millie" was 4th Best Bitch, and Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" was BOS Veteran. Roger won also Best movements. 38 PH entries from several countries and top winners, for judge Karin Hedberg. Full result here, thank you Simon Tien Hansen !

Veteran BOB Dehra (Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa), Veteran BOS Plupp
photos by Cerstin Bärlund, thank you !

19.+20.07-2014 - LC weekend in Riga. Ebba (Remember Me FaraoAnubis Bahar) and Iris (Farao Anubis Impala) ran. Both days Ebba was 1st with CACL and so become new LATVIAN LC CHAMPION !!! Iris was 2nd with CQL ! Congrats to Iris' owner, Anastasija ! Photos by Santa Usenko, thank you !


2x Ebba in Blue, 1x Ebba in Red with Iris in Blue, 2x Iris in Red with Ebba in Blue

2x Iris in Red with Ebba in Blue, 1x Iris in Blue

19-06-2014 - Welcome once more to my homepage, from now, it will be up, and updated again :). Enjoy !
Rossie /Farao Anubis Ipanema/ is UK Champion ! Huge congratulations to owner Alina Svald :) ! Proud of you !

10-05-2014 - Grattis Vinis /Farao Anubis Iskra/ for being BOB at the Europasieger!


03-05-2014 - Roger /Farao Anubis Golden Gait/ WON the Lure Coursing today, won his third CC and consequently became Swedish Lure Coursing Champion! I'm so happy... or something. Ebba /Remember Me Faranubis Bahaar/ was finally second, after a stunning first run which gave her a big lead, but Roger overtook her in his second run, which was against her. 7 PHs competed.


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