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News - Archive - 2011

Stockholm, SKK International all breed show, Nordic Winner Show Dec 10 & 11

Roger did it again! And really striked this time with
Best Male in a really tough male class, BOB, Best Of Group and Best In Show 4
! This is the highest we have placed at this show, since Ramsan won the historic first ever groupwin for a PH here in 1998, at what was the last time ever the pharaohs competed in the right group, the 10th/Sighthounds. 25 PHs was entered for skilly Norwegian sighthound specialist Knut Blutecher. Roger got his first Swedish CACIB too, and NORDW-11 title. Ragnar, F A Icarus, was Best Male 4th. F A Infra Red, Päshis was close to the top with her Best Bitch 2nd in tough competition, with what will become the CACIB, as 1st bitch is INTCH. Our breeders group was Best PH group and later in the finals BIS-4 breeders Group! Thousand thanks to the very experienced and talented group of PH people who helped me show them, as all four dogs are mine: Annica Lundqvist with Ragnar, Maria Evteeva with Millie, Eva Olofsson with Päshis! And in the final we had to cope with just two people, me mand Masha, showing them all, the young wild and hardly trained dogs. Missed the pre-judging, as I was still in the group with Roger winning it, and the other three were in their crates sleeping, we dragged them all out and ran straight into the ring, and still we managed to get that placement! Quite an accomplishment, I think :-) Judge was Monique van Brempt, Belgium. Judges for Group and BIS was Marianne Holmli, Norway, and Rainer Vuorinen, Finland.

Judge Marianne Holmli. Me & Roger just won Best In Group at "Stora Stockholm"! Pic by Sofie Vega Wollbraaten.

Roger trotting his lap of honour in Best in Group competition. Pic by Sofie Vega Wollbraaten.

Roger in BIS, waiting to be placed. Pic by Sofie Vega Wollbraaten.

The BIS lineup.

The official BOB picture of Roger by Per Undén. To be published in KC magazine and net.

Farao Anubis breeders group BIS-4 Group! Fr left to right:
Masha with Millie & Päshis, me, Ragnar & Roger.

Roger just WON the group at Stora Stockholm! Nordic winner show 2011!
pic by Sofie Fahlén.

"Ragnar" - F A Icarus in breedring. Pic by Sofie Fahlén.

Beautifully outlined and ultra feminine Farao Anubis Ikara, "Millie" in breedring.

Roger in breedring. Pic by Sofie Fahlén.

F A Infra Red "Päshis", in breedring.

Another BOG-1 picture, diff angle.

Happy and placed as BIS-4.

Roger in breedring.


Helsinki, Finland Dec 3 & 4, Finnish Winner Show & Helsinki Winner show 2011!

Second day, and the main show, Finnish Winner, and Crufts qualifier. The pharaohs had skilly Carla Molinari as judge, an old favourite of mine, since the prime time of my old super stars Ramsan and Bibbi, who she often placed BOB/BOS and liked very much. Anyway, today there were 29 entries (about 8000 totally) Roger was again Best Male in tough competition, and got the FINW-11 title & CACIB. Ragnar won his class, got FINJW-11 title, Crufts qualified, and the CC, he was best Male 3rd, after the two champions. Millie won her class, got same as Ragnar, title + Crufts Qual, and was Best Bitch 2nd! Päshis was entered this day, and was Best Bitch 3rd. Our breeders group with the 4 abovementioned dogs, was best PH group and later BIS 3 group in the finals! Thank you judges Carla Molinari and Hans Lehtinen! What a weekend we had! Got SEVEN titles in two days, on three dogs!

First day, Helsinki Winner, we had 3 PHs entered under Finnish judge Säde Hohteri, who had totally 28 PHs entered. The judge being a totally new accuaintance for us, but a very plesant one. To our great joy our stunning Roger, Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait, was Best Male, got the winner title, the CC for his Finnish Championship, yet another CACIB, and was finally Best Of Breed! Shortlisted in group. But we had also our two juniors with us, which did very well during the weekend. Both won their classes over several juniors, thus giving them the HEJW-11 titles. Ragnar, F A Icarus, was also placed as Best Male 4. Millie, F A Ikara, got all the way to Best Bitch 2nd, with CC.

Farao Anubis breeders group BIS-3 group with Roger, Ragnar, Päshis & Millie. Thanks to the ones who helped me: Emelie Andersson, Olga Popova, Tina Hellman, without you it hadn't been possible! Judge Hans Lethinen.

Ragnar in breedring at Helsinki Winner.


Naqada kennel in England still have two very nice looking puppy boys looking for homes from our and Marie Richmond's Naqada PH's, breeding between Farao Anubis Golden Gait x Farao Anubis Shakira. They are born July 13th, and are now 12 weeks! They both are very promising. Please contact Marie for more info: 


Skokloster Sighthound Show, July 25

One of our biggest dreams was fullfilled today! Roger, Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait won, as the first pharaoh hound ever, Best In Show at this once the world's biggest sighthound show, and still one of the more prestigious shows to win, anywhere! I've visited it almost every year since first time when I was a kid in 1986 (but the show has been held longer than so, for about 35 years) and of course always just dreamed of winning it, even the times I was in the BIS final before, with Ramsan, Bibbi and Plupp. And with our 5th BOB win here, we managed to get the "top honour"! We got a change of judge in pharaohs, from Sharon Sakson to Espen Engh, who judged the 28 PHs knowledgeable and very fair as always. Roger was BOB, Plupp was 2nd Best Dog & BOB Veteran, later in finals BIS2 veteran. Thank you so much to Simon Hansen who helped showing my dogs, a lot! And to Polina Spasovska and Oksana Arupa who also helped showing in our breeders group and best bitch. We had our keeps from our last litter shown for their first time and BOB puppy & later Best In Show puppy, was our 7 months old F A Icarus "Ragnar", who won this just as his sire and namesake did in 2003 at this show. BOS was his sister F A Ikara, expertly handled by Simon. In bitches our F A Infra Red, Päshis, won Champion bitches and then went onto a Best Bitch 2nd. Rosie, F A Ipanema won her class but wasn't placed in Best bitch, were four are placed nowadays, just as in the group finals. Our breeders group was best group of two, and then placed BIS 3 group in the finals. The finals were all judged by different foreign US, UK and Norwegian judges, but Espen Engh judged the BIS. I will remember and treasure this day and moment for the rest of my life, and it will make it easier living when I have less good times. Thank you, Espen!

Where he belong

Ragnar - Farao Anubis Icarus - Best In Show Puppy!

Plupp & Simon BIS-2 veteran in the final

Ragnar again, on the move to BIS puppy

Lovely Roger 

Roger in the BIS lineup

Listening for what numbers are called in BIS.


With all the judges


The four BIS placers before we knew... At least to me Roger stands out.

Roger in the shadows, but not this day!



Roger and me on the move to BIS!

Roger on the move

We need to find really great homes for a few of our beautiful and loved family members: 


HEJW-10 FINJW-10 Farao Anubis Ipanema "Rosie" 1½ year old bitch by F A Ikaros x Ch Faouziah's Champagne.


SweCh FINCh FINW-10 Farao Anubis Infra Red "Päshis", 2 years old (by Ch F A Kahiro x Ch Hallam's F A Elodie Ramzi), CC & BOS at Crufts 2011, BOS at Skokloster Sighthound Specialty 2010, BOS at Finnish Winner Show 2010. 


and the new boy puppy: Farao Anubis Icarus, "Ragnar", 6 months old (by F A Ikaros x Hallam's F A Elodie Ramzi). I'm only letting them go to the perfect homes, such as preferably experienced pharaoh hound homes, show homes and who want to do a lot of fun things with their dogs. They're all totally healthy and haven't been ill a day in their lives. Happy and people loving. Works well with dogs and cats. More photos of them at their personal pages under "My Pharaohs". Sorry, I dont have any really good pictures of the bitches.


July 13: The new litter is here! Well, not here, but at Marie Richmond's Naqada kennel, in UK!
Our Gulan, Farao Anubis Shakira (Lileo's Orpheus At Serafin x Ch F A Nemesis Divina), whelped 4 males and 2 bitches on July 13. There probably are some male puppies available. Enquiries to Marie at:


BOS Plupp's daughter Ch Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun & BIS Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait "Roger". 

June 5, Roger BIS at The Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty Show in UK!
Once more we made the long trip over to England, as I just can't resist showing at their main shows, especially since they often have great judges. Theres no shows like the English anywhere in the world, you really can feel that this is the main dog land of all, and where it all started, and the judges are mostly great, and the face judging is kept to a healthy minimum, all of which makes it trilling and attractive to enter. You can get anywhere as long as you have a great dog, which is sadly not the case in many countries nowadays. Roger/Farao Anubis Golden Gait was Best In Show, gaining his 2nd English CC under wellknown judge Dagmar Kenis Pordham who had 45 PH entries. Plupp/Ikaros was Best Veteran, and just beaten for the Res CC. The girls got placements in their classes. Pictures to follow!

I also had an even more important purpose with this trip, and that was to deliver our sweet and beautiful Gulan/ F A Shakira, in whelp to our stunning Roger, to Marie Richmonds Naqada kennel. Gulan was to our huge joy confirmed pregnant by ultrasound while we were in UK, as we still wasn't sure, she sure hid those babies well, and not showing any of the usual signs except a stubborn disinterest in her food! But it also was a bit early to tell, as they will hopefully be born around July 12. Anyway, at least four (4) pups was spotted by the vet at the scan. I think its 6-7, as I think I saw more. Enquiries are welcome, though there are some bookings already! More info about the litter under "Puppies" and Roger's and Gulan's pages. I have hopes that this litter will be just smashing!


Roger with his trophies at UK Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty. One was for Crufts BOB and the rest for the wins in the different classes at Club show. Thanks Graham Reeve for the pictures!


Roger and Päshis became Swedish champions at SKK in Västerås.


March 20, little Black boy, F A Lazarus "Diablo" was the last puppy from our litter of eight, to leave his childhoodhome, as he today moved to Denmark! Good luck in your new home with Bo and Dorthe! We of course also wish good luck to Imperator & Kahira who has joined Stephen and Dominic and the Hallam Pharaohs in USA. Inferno & Ifrit who moved to Debbie & Barth in Portland, USA. Green boy Invictus who moved to Monika in Czech republic. We look forward to hear what they all will achieve, as I'm sure they will, and how they're doing in their new great homes!

Black boy - F A Lazarus - 11 weeks old, moved to his new home in Denmark on Sunday 20th.


We also possibly have a one yearold bitch available for a co-owner or breeding terms home, Farao Anubis Ipanema "Rosie", she is out of F A Ikaros and Faouziah's Champagne. Rosie has only been shown a couple of times, but have done really well, already having several CC's and two Finnish Winner titles in some top competition. Rosie's page.


Farao Anubis Golden Gait - Roger - Crufts official BOB picture

CRUFT'S, UK, March 12, 2011

We brought four dogs, and all four did really well! Best Of Breed and dog CC to Farao Anubis Golden Gait, who also was shortlisted in Group final, among 7 dogs. Best Of Opposite and Bitch CC was his sister Farao Anubis Infra Red! They both won big Open Classes. Reserve Best Dog CC, and 1st in Veteran class, was Farao Anubis Ikaros. Farao Anubis Ipanema won Junior Bitch Class. Judge was Espen Engh, and 50 + PHs were entered. Also a thousand thanks to Masha Evteeva who babysat our puppies and a few grown ups while we went to Crufts! You're the best, without you, this would have been impossible! Also congrats to your Globetrotter winning Junior dog, and of course Chips was beautiful and moved great as always!

The last seven picked out in the hound group final, final decision. Judge Ellinor Bothwell, UK. 

Roger and me in the Crufts hound group final

Roger being examined in the Crufts hound group final. From televison.

Roger being examined in the Crufts hound group final.

How can you pass such a dog?

Lovely Roger's head in the Crufts final, judge looking at his expression.

Roger in the final


Plupp/Ikaros winning Veteran Dogs Class, and later Res Dog CC, 2nd Ch Enigma Score The Lot With Actolia, 3rd Gnejna Designer Label By Ankors.

Open Class males, 1st Farao Anubis Golden Gait "Roger", 2nd Ch Faience In Gold, 3rd Ch Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr. 6 entries.
Same three dogs below and above.

Farao Anubis Infra Red "Päshis" winning Open Bitches Class at Crufts. 2nd & Res CC Xo Sequin, 3rd Akhanubis Nettikurti to Annatefka. 8 entries. Judge Espen Engh visible in the corner, writing critiques on the three placed bitches. 8 entries.

Päshis with her red ribbon/rosette.

Farao Anubis Ipanema "Rosie" winning Junior Bitches Class at Crufts. Breathing in, she's not this skinny.

Westminster, New York City, USA, February 14, 2011

We don't go to a lot of shows, but we chose the ones we actually enter to, carefully! So, the only shows we been to this year, are Westminster and Crufts, and what results we got! We attended, with our own dog entered, for the first time this very special show! (though our own Ramsan have won BOB here before, but not shown by me at that occasion) Only the five Top dogs in USA are invited, (and a few extra, which have to be US champions) get the chance to enter in each breed, as the entry total is very limited for this show. But we managed to enter, a difficulty in itself! Many thanks to Dominic and Dasha who helped/did this for me, not to speak of housing me and Plupp and driving us to vets etc, to be able to go back to Sweden, as well as both picking us up, and leaving us at the airport! 

Anyway, Farao Anubis Ikaros, Plupp, won the 1st Award Of Merit (1st AOM) handled by me, owner/breeder/handler, big thing itself at this show, where most are super handlers behind dogs with lots of dollars spent on advert campaigns to be able to win here. Judge was Espen Engh, Norway, and 17 PHs were entered. BOB and BOS were littermates, Ethan and Ella, siblings to our Babe/Elodie, so they were out of our F A Ramses. The other AOM was also out of two Farao Anubis dogs, but Russian bred, making all four placed dogs
having one or both parents from Farao Anubis! (Except Plupp, who is from us) Will be updated with pics as soon as I get them.


New photos of the puppies, taken at 5 weeks old, links to pictures at Litters bred/Puppies! There is still one puppy looking for a home!


Our new litter is here! They were born on Dec 28, 2010. Five beautiful males and three bitches.
There is still one puppy looking for a home. Sire is our own gorgeous Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" (handsome Lileo's Orpheus x our superstar Antefa's Kahira) and dam is our US import Ch Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi "Babe" (Ramsan x Mia Churuka Unchained Melody) so the litter has a fantastic pedigree with new blood and several top dogs hard to find in pedigrees here in Europe.

Babe and her newborns!

Plupp, Roger, Päshis & Rosie - Best Breeders Group at Stora Stockholm

Farao Anubis News 2010

Stora Stockholm, Stockholm International Winter Dog Show Dec 19.
We had Best Of Breed Breeders Group once again, containing Ikaros, Roger, Päshis and Rosie. Many thanks to the people who helped me with my group, both in breed and BIS final, as all four dogs are mine: Eva, Simon and Emelie! Also thanks to Christoffer.
Individual results were Ikaros 1st in Champion males, 2nd Best Dog, Roger 5th Best Dog. Rosie CK, Päshis 4th Best Bitch. Judge Patricia Trotter, USA.

Ikaros/Plupp and me winning Champion males class at Stora Stockholm.

Plupp and Eva


Rosie/Ipanema and me

Rosie and Emelie


Päshis/ F A Infra Red and me, (here in normal clothes) BOS at Finnish Winner & BB-4 at Stockholm. Here in the judges examination (to become judges) at Stockholm. We also had Ikaros and Roger in that examination, as practise objects.

Roger, me and the Group judge at Helsinki Winner

Helsinki/Finnish Winner Shows, Finland, Dec 11 & 12

Roger, Farao Anubis Golden Gait was BOB, Best Of Group AND Best In Show 2nd!!! (2nd due to a slight back off in the BIS final with all its loud music and spotlights. Roger has only been shown a couple of times before) He also got the title Helsinki Winner (HEW-10) and CC & CACIB. Judge for breed: Hans Lehtinen, Group: Svend Lövenkjaer, and BIS: Dan Eriksson, about 24 PH entries and 7000 dogs totally. Best Bitch 2nd was our young 9 months old junior, "Rosie" Farao Anubis Ipanema, along with CC & Junior winner title (HEJW-10), Best Bitch 3rd was our "Päshis" F A Infra Red! (Pics from Group & BIS above and below) Farao Anubis was also Best Breeders Group with Roger, Päshis, Rosie & Blondie.

The second day, Finnish Winner, Roger had to settle with the CC only, but our bitches did great in strong competition, 29 PHs entered! BOS, CC, CACIB and the Finnish Winner title (FINW-10) was won by our Farao Anubis Infra Red "Päshis", followed by the veteran F A Nemesis Divina (Best Veteran) and Rosie, F A Ipanema, on Best Bitch 4th place, with Junior Winner title (FINJW-10) and Crufts qualification! Judge Ellinor Bothwell, UK. 

Roger & me BIS 2 at Helsinki Winner

Me & stunning Roger at Helsinki Winner Show, breed ring.



Rosie & me at Finnish Winner

Amsterdam Winner Show November 27, 2010
Two youngsters from us were presented, F A Iskra "Vinis" got Excellent 1, Amsterdam Junior Winner title & reserve CC, and Crufts qualification! Congratulations Jaap Stuiver and Vinis! Her sister F A Iskandaria "Reba" also got Excellent, but was second to her sister this time. There were 7 entered PHs, and only 3 of them got Excellent, two from me and one other. Judge Arne Foss, Norway. Photo will come!

Swedish Sighthound Club show in Vallentuna, October 17.
In a very cold riding hall, Farao Anubis Golden Gait, Roger, got his second CC and first BOB. In the finals he was placed as BIS-2 Youngster. His sister F A Infra Red, Päshis, got her 4th CC and was Best Bitch and BOS. Not bad in some top competition. It was a Finnish judge and 10 PHs entered. Our puppy Rosie, F A Ipanema, got BOB & BIS-4 puppy. No photo was taken, I think.

BOS CC EngCh Faience In Gold and BOB CC & BIS 3 Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, at Houndshow, UK.

Houndshow, England August 7

We made the long trip to UK again, first time in 2 years, mostly to show our youngsters.
We also brought our older stars at the same time, so with our qualifications we accidentally also won BOB and Best In Show 3 with Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, gaining her 2nd English CC, having one from Crufts earlier. F A Golden Gait (yes, its supposed to be spelled that way!) "Roger" won his 3 classes, F A Infra Red "Päshis" was 2nd in her two, large classes. Plupp was 3rd in Open. Babe won a strong Open bitch class. Reserve CC went to Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr. Judge in breed, Jenny Startup, UK & BIS/Group Espen Engh, Norway.

Dehra & Roger BIS & BOS at Skokloster Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty 2010

Skokloster/Lövudden Sighthound Specialty & Pharaoh Hound Specialty shows 2010

July 31, SvFK. Stephen Wheeler judged our PH Club's big specialty, and among the about 40 entries chosed our Roger, F A Golden Gait, as his Best Dog & BOS!
Roger also won his first CC, and was BIS Unghund (BIS youth class) He was also invited to compete for Best Movements & Best head, but Roger and the best bitch were excluded from the competition, as the judge didnt want to have to place one of them before the other, before Best of Breed competition. We had to be happy for the words from him that those two were his best movers today. 

BIS puppy was our Rosie, F A Ipanema "Rosie", among the three puppies competed.
Plupp, Babe and Päshis got placings in their classes.

Roger (Golden Gait) showing off he got his name for a reason.


BOB & BIS 3 CC New SweCh Reedly Road Desperado & BOS CC Farao Anubis Infra Red, at Skokloster/Lövudden SvVK.

August 1st, Sighthound Specialty day, SvVK.

Our judge today was Manfred Langer, Germany. A judge I went under 15 years ago, when Bibbi was out on her first show, as a 10 month old winning BOB & BIS 4 at Bosjökloster in a big entry. 

This time he had changed taste completely as for type, now he seemed to prefer the "dark type", in every class, among the again about 40 entries. Roger stood in the shadows for his sister today, as our little Päshis, F A Infra Red, to our great joy and surprise went almost all the way with her Best Bitch, her 3rd CC, and BOS to the lovely, out of two Farao Anubis PH's, Reedly Road Desperado, who was BOB & BIS-3!

Best Bitch 2nd and winner of Champion Class was our Babe, Hallam F A Elodie Ramzi. Best Bitch 4 was F A Fariba on Reedly Road, and BB 5th was Blondie, F A Nemesis Divina. Plupp and Roger got placings in their classes, as 2nd and 3rd, both with CK. Our breeders group was Best Breeders group and BIS-2 Group beating several. Our two puppy sisters took turn so that BOB puppy today went to F A Iskra "Vinis" who also was BIS-4 pup in the finals. 

July 19, The King is dead, long live the King! Ramsan, forever in our hearts and thoughts! We will miss you. And I will miss you for as long as I live. Ramsan, the king of all pharaohs, the excellent stud dog, the fantastic show dog with his special beautiful long effortless movements, unique "darkness", and beautiful temperament. The one who have put his marks on the whole breed worldwide and thus highen the quality in several countries. The last link to my happy youth, and to my first pharaoh hound Trixi, Ch Antefa's Elodeah born 1985, who he was the last remaining of my dogs to have met. Now you run on the fields in heaven with your special lady and wife Bibbi, Ch Antefas Kahira, who almost was his eqvivalent in PH bitches, not being as spread though. The amazing duo who often often in their time were BOB and BOS at big prestigious shows in many countries. And who before PHs were as recognised for high awards, won amazingly much in groups and some times BIS, in that more "poorer" times. And the remarkable 3 year American adventure Ramsan and me had, then already in Ramsan's older years, and he was TOP Pharaoh Hound there, and winning BIS at their National and BOB at Westminster, everything as a 7-8 yearold veteran! I will forever treasure that whole adventure in my heart and mind, having witnessed so much fun and interesting and getting a look into worlds I never knew before. What a time we all had. I will never forget you.



June 15, We just got new great pics of our gorgeous boy in USA, Farao Anubis Ramiro "Hayden", living (and owned by) with the Hallam's team. The pics are from when he recently won his two majors on his way to his AMCh title, handler Stacy Work. Theres also a new great pic of Hayden & Rogers brother in Poland, F A Crusader "Mogul" at litter#7, thank you Adela and Iza!

June 9, New pics of most pups from our recent litter. One of the two girls still at home, probably Vinis (Burgundy Girl), may be available to a great home, preferably on breeding terms. More info at "Litters bred"/Litter #8.

Vinis - Farao Anubis Iskra - 4 months old

Rosa - Farao Anubis Ipanema - 4 months old

April 4th, Ramsan's 14th birthday! Hurray! And Päshis, Farao Anubis Infra Red, won her second CC this day (and Best Bitch 3rd), at her second show ever! The show were held in Stockholm, about 12 PHs entered. 

March 12, in UK, GBCh Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr "Zilo" was Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Dog CC at Crufts! Congratulations to Zilo's owner Marie Richmond! There were 55 entered PHs under Ferelith Somerfield, UK. Our 9 yearold Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina was 3rd in Open bitch.

February 19 - Our 8th Pharaoh Hound litter has arrived!
Seven pups, two males and five bitches, out of ch Farao Anubis Ikaros & Ch Faouziah's Champagne. We have one, or possibly two male puppies available for good homes. More details at "Puppies page". Pic of Champiz & her newborns above.

2010-01-09 My Dog Göteborg, SvVK
Päshis, F A Infra Red won her first CC at her first show! Judge Karin Hedberg. 

Farao Anubis News 2009 
2009-12-13 Plupp was BOB and Best Of Group 2nd at Stora Stockholm Swed KC INT Winter Show in December! (only beaten by the Västgötaspets who eventually won BIS)
Judges Agnes Ganami-Kertes, Israel (breed), & Per Erik Wallin (Group)

2009-10-18 Roger, Farao Anubis Golden Gait, was Best In Show puppy at Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty Show. From his two shows so far, he has two BIS'! 

BOB & BOS at Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club Skokloster Specialty 2009 - Dehra & Annica - Ikaros/Plupp & me.


2009-07-25 & 26

"Skokloster" Sighthound Shows! Now called and situated at Lövudden, Västerås. 

Saturday at Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty we had five PHs entered, and they all did well under Hanna Ukura, Northgates PHs, Finland, who had 56 entries. Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" was BOS and of course Best Male, he was also competing for Best Head and Best Movements. 13½ year old Ramsan won Best Head and Best Veteran Dog from the +10 years class this the probably last show for him, over F A Kahiro, who won the 8-10 years class. Babe was 2nd in Champion and 2nd Best Bitch, as well as the Best Foreign bred PH. Gulan was 1st in Open Class among several very nice bitches. Thank you Hanna for a truly interesting and fun day!

Sunday and Sighthound Show day turned out to be a bit of a fiascho, and with hindsight we were lucky to only have entered three of our PHs. Best did Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro "Pi" who was Best Dog 4th, of about 40 entries for a German judge, Waltraud Peschges. Babe was 4th in Champion Bitch, showing her heart out, especially on the move this day, but not even placed in Best Bitch. But the strangest of all was Plupp's 4th Champion Dog placing (of 5) without a CK! The first time for a long long time that Plupp didn't receive CK (Champion quality) which let them continue competing for Best Dog/Bitch. All critiques were great, so I still have no idea what she disliked or what she was looking for, also appearant in her uneven judging with no red line in it for type or anything. Congrats anyway to the beautiful couple the judge eventually found in BOB Aros & BOS Champiz, two of my favourite PHs!

2009-07-24 -26 Leeds, England - We got a new English Champion!

As Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr "Zilo" (pic above) was awarded his 3rd and last CC for completing his UK Championship! Judge Jill Morris, Anharbn PHs, UK. Huge Congratulations Marie and Zilo! With this, Zilo became the seventh champion in this litter of 10 pups, out of Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin "Rufus" X Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie".

2009-07-04 & 05 Gotland Summer Dogshows in Visby, KC all breed shows
Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" was BOB both days, first day's judge was Dagmar Kenis Pordham, UK, and Sundays judge was Paul Scanlon, Ireland. 8-10 PHs entered. Babe was BOS first day, not entered second.


All puppies (except of course our nugget Roger and little elegant Ärtan) from our last litter have now left for their new homes. Now we start thinking about our next litters, news are out on "Puppies" page, and reservations are being taken.
Updated pics of Roger and Mogge. 
And, in the middle of the year, we'll hit the road again, our show season starts :-) Belated by the discuraging combination of a litter, lack of energy, and a small baby.



Updated with pics of the puppies at 8-9 weeks old. Some individual pages for them.
One male puppy available to the right home. More info about him at "Puppies".



Some news and litter plans at "Puppies".



New pictures of the puppies at 10 days old.


Our new website is up and running!



Congratulations to our top dog "Ramsan" (Farao Anubis Ramses) on his 13th birthday!


No shows so far, but we start 2009 with our 7th litter, which is also our first litter for 5 years! Six beautiful puppies were born on March 27th! Check out the details on "Puppies"!



Ikaros is Top Stud Dog in Finland 2008! Ramses is Top Stud Dog in England 2008! 


August 2008

Farao Anubis Ikaros BOB at SKK Gotland, judge Andre van den Broek. 

Plupp and me in the Best In Show final at Skokloster/Lövudden Sighthound Specialty Show 2008.
Plupp was placed as BIS reserve.

Plupp picture from BOB

Skokloster SvVK July 2008

Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" was Best Of Breed over 58 entried PHs under well respected judge Bo Bengtsson at "Skokloster" Sighthound Specialty. And EVERYONE was there! Later Plupp was placed Best In Show reserve in the sighthound group, judge Gilberto Grandi, Italy. I'm more than thrilled and happy and overwhelmed over this prestigious win for that judge who's opinion everyone have wanted and also to get him to Sweden, for so long. 
It was his book Vinthundar, "Sighthounds" which made me interested in PHs in the first place, in a time when the PH was hardly shown in pictures or described anywhere else, not even in breed lexicons, at least in Sweden. His eye for dogs and knowledge is well known around the world. And in my opinion (and obviosly his too) he did find the best dog with the most beautiful outline as his winner. (Photo on frontpage by Erika Tönder. And above by us)
Ramsans progeny group was BOB both days, Ramsan was Best Veteran male saturday (sighthound day) Blondie (Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina) was BOS at the PH spacialty. Babe, Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi was Best Bitch 5 for Bo Bengtsson and Best Bitch 3rd for Göran Bodegård, PH specialty.

Left: BOB & Dog CC winner Crufts 2008 Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros and me 
and right: BOS & Bitch CC winner Ch Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi and Marie Richmond

March 9 2008, Crufts!

More than 20.000 entered dogs! We had 4 dogs with us, and a baby, quite an enterprise to bring them all, but the baby is amazingly easy, so everything went well. Plupp, Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros, was Best Of Breed in a big entry of 33 Pharaohs, being a nice mix of both English and foreign entries. Judge Debbie Diamond, Surannon PHs, UK. With this Plupp gained his 7th English CC. Best Of Opposite Sex and Bitch CC was Babe, Ch Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi. Reserve Dog CC was won by Plupp's young son, Lyncris Sun King Of Rayempet, waiting for his 3rd CC. Best Veteran dog was Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro, Pi. Plupp also got a long good glance from the group judge, (and then she looked to my face) why I at the time thought he'd be placed, or shortlisted, but no. Hopefully we get more chances for that in the future, because I love Crufts, and to be in the final ring there with a great dog who flies around and knows exactly what to do. The floor being made of rubber grass, so no slipping around there. Second time for me, as Ramsan and I was shortlisted/made the cut, there 2002. Gulan, Farao Anubis Shakira was 3rd in Limit bitch. We were very pleased with our day, and had a very nice trip.

I also collected the prizes for Top PH Breeder in UK 2007, and Top Stud Dog 2007, who was Plupp.


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