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News - Archive - 2007

Plupp Best In Show in Högbo Bruk, judge Espen Engh

December, Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi BOB & BOG 2 at Finnish Winner Show!
Farao Anubis Ikaros was BOS, both having the title FinW-07. Judge Rainer Vuorinen, Finland. Big entry with lots of the top dogs from Finland and Sweden.

October 5, My daughter Minea was born!
She was born 1:42 in the night, one week before expected birth. She was 50 cms tall and weighed 3395 gram. Little Minea is mostly called "Lilla Ä" cause she makes that sound, ääää, not like a scream, but quiet and gentle little ä sound. She is a very easy baby, just eat and sleep a lot, and I love her.

October, end of month, 
Unfortunately I had to give up one of my beloved males, though I had planned to keep him as one of the great four. All due to the extra work and time my new baby requires. But AMCh Farao Anubis Phoenix "Fenix" found a great home with good friend Saara Mattero, Pareesa PHs in Finland. So now he is in fact my first Finnish export. I and he couldn't have found a better home for him, and I'm really pleased he finally found his place and get lots of love, attention, activity and training. Watch out for that great boy later on :-) 

Plupp and me in the breed judging at Högbo Bruk, where he later went BIS! 

September 1, Best In Show at Sighthound Specialty Show in Högbo Bruk!
Our Farao Anubis Ikaros "
Plupp" went all the way to BIS this day! A BIS won not a day too early for this true quality dog. Many thanks to judge Espen Engh (Jets' Greyhounds, Norway) for appreciating Plupp's unique balance of elegance and power along with his outstanding outline, with this award making an old dream come true!

We had (the first time for years and years) a full breeders group entered, which was BOB breeders group (did not compete for BIS group) with a great critique. As well as the extra special girl Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi "
Babe", who won her last CC for her Swedish Champion title, along with BOS to Plupp! Best Dog 2nd was Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro, and best Bitch 3rd Farao AnubisShakira.

Plupp's critique: Gorgeous dog, great balance, beautiful well chiselled head with good paralell planes. Great front and body silhouette, real angulated rear, great coat and colour. A specimen of seldom seen quality in his breed and sex.

Babe's crit: Well balanced bitch of great type and overall picture. Very deep red colour, feminine balanced head, nice ears, long neck, great forechest, balanced body silhouette with beautiful lines, moderate balanced rear angulations, great coat, OK star, very dynamic and powerful movements.

Breeders group crit:
A group of very uniform dogs of exquisite type and overall balance. Very well proportioned and well bodied and with marked/pronounced breed details such as parallel head planes and very beautiful heads, beautiful ears and colours. Congratulations! (Group consisting of Ikaros, Kahiro, Phoenix & Shakira)

BOB & BIS 3 puppy was our Podenco Canario Galan "Allan" de Canera de Mouclem.
Soon 9 months old male of great type and whole picture. Longcast masculine head with good parallel planes, good ear set, elegant neck, stands very well on his legs and shows the right dry whole picture, very appealing topline and body length, good marked hip bones, great coat and colour, moves sound and efficient.

August 4, Houndshow - UK
Leela, Farao Anubis Qahira, won her 3rd English CC completing her UK Champion title, along with Best Of Breed! PH Judge Jill Morris, Anharbn PHs, UK. BOS with his 2nd CC was Plupp's young English AI-son Lyncris Sun King At Rayempet "Rhade". Congrats to Debbie and Leela, and to Rhade's owners and breeders!

Plupp and me at Swedish PH club Specialty 2007

July 29 - Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty
Jarmo Vuorinen, Scheik's PHs Finland, judged the 31 PHs. We had only 
Fenix and Plupp entered this day, and they both did great. Plupp won Champion class males in tough competition, and was finally Best Dog 2 only beaten by the veteran Antefa's Minas Tirith who got BOB. To our joy Fenix won the "Best Head and Expression" competition! Pic below.


July 28 - Mariefred/Skokloster Swedish Sight hound club Specialty
There were 44 PH entries for judge Norman Huidobro Corbett. We had Fenix, Plupp and Babe entered, and Allan in the Canario-department. 
Fenix showed beautifully and was 3rd in his class. Pluppwas 4th Best Dog, and Babe won a big class, and was 5th Best Bitch, still not getting her last CC. Allan got BOB puppy (of course) but not placed in BIS puppy this time. Pi's Russian son Reedly Road Beefeater "Chips" won the Dog CC beating matured top winners, congrats Masha! He is such a Pi-clone that it looks funny and he moves fantastic!

July 11 - 
Ramsan is finally collected in my name, in Sweden.
Remains to reveal however if the semen is of good enough quality for producing at least one pup. Something I will not know until about 20 years from now, when I intend to use it.

June 30, Borås Swedish KC show
Allan was of course the only Canario showing at this his first official show, but went all the way beating about 30 breeds for Best In show puppy! (About 3000 dogs entered) Breed judge for both PHs and Canario was Djordje Tesic, Croatia, and Best Puppy In Show was judged by Torbjorn Skaar, Sweden. There were 8 PHs entered, we had only Babe entered, who won Best Bitch, got her 2nd CC (not a lot, but they'll be enough, eventually!) and was BOS. Congrats to Annakarin and her young Qenzo who was BOB!

Babe's Critique:
Typical represent of the breed, congratulations to the owner and breeder of this bitch and thank you for showing it for me, female with a lot of proudness, high style and fashion.

Very proportional, excellent head, typical constitution, excellent angulations, very good movement, excellent presented, a very promising puppy with a lot of proudness.

June 29, Evening match show in Gräfsnäs for practice.
Gulan was BOG - 2 and Allan BIS - 4 puppy.

Svart, Farao Anubis Zephyros is now Russian Champion!

June 17, Swedish PH Club's southern/little Specialty in Tånga Hed.
Plupp was 3rd Best Male, and Babe 5th Best Bitch. Judge Ros Bachich, Australia, 18 entries. Some rather strange critics telling me my dogs was too short in backs/toplines, had not big enough movements, and brown tail tips.

May 27, CACIB Show in Rostov-Na-Danu, Russia.
Svart got his third CC, first CACIB and yet another BOB in Russia this weekend. Congrats Nina & Masha!

May 5-6, 
Farao Anubis Zephyros "Svart" shown in Russia the first time.
Svart was BOS with his first Russian CC the first day, and BOB with CC and Group-3 on the second day. Both days Svart and Afina won BIS-1 brace/couple. The weekend after, Svart was BOS at the Russian PH Club National Specialty! 11 entries. Congratulations Masha & Nina!

May 1, Podenco Canario "Allan" Group Win and Best In Show-3 at his first show!
Allan attended his first show, a big puppy show. Which was also a historical moment as it was the first time a Canario was shown here. Allan won the Group over 14 Spitzes, and was then Best In Show-3. He was behaving very well, as if he was used to showing, and can stand still for long times. He also trotted perfectly on the leash. I was very pleased with him, and I can't wait until next show. This is great fun! Judge was Bobby Paust, American pro handler. There were 300 entries at Swedish Poodle Club match show. Babe was also there for the practice, as she tends to enjoy herself too much on the go around, which translates "jumping vertical" to her. Babe was Group 2, close to first. 

April 22, FC 
Farao Anubis Zoraya of Lileo SC, "Zoey" became American Lure Coursing Champion!
Many congrats to Libby and Jayme on your fast and agile (and beautiful!) girl Zoey! Her brother Apollo got his SC (Senior Courser) title at the same day.

Ramsan shown by Masha Evteeva

April 4, 
Ramsan's 11th Birthday today!
Congratulations old, but still great looking, boy! He newly became a father again, which proves it :-) Above a photo from Ramsan's last show, when he became Russian Champion at almost 11 years old.

March 28, Ch Farao Anubis Ramses, "Ramsans", litter at Reedly Road kennel, in Russia, is born!
Amazing seven puppies, 4 males and 3 bitches were born out of the dark elegant Ch Farao Anubis Fariba "Monica". This might be the last opportunity to obtain a Ramsan puppy, for quite a while. Congrats Masha! We never thought this, did we!? They look absolutely stunning! Super heads, mmm... More info will soon appear at 
Reedly Road site.

March 16, Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp's" litter was born at Northgate's, Finland.
4 boys and 2 girls out of Ch Northgate's Northern Lights "Wendy". Congrats Hanna! They look gorgeous! I can see Bibbi's and Plupp's face/expression/head in them, already! More info at
Northgate's site.

March 14, Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro's "Pi's" litter was born at Ezhar!
3 boys and 2 girls, by Ch Siphra's Foxey Lady. Congratulations on the lovely little ones, Anna-Karin! They look beautiful, like little blonde Pis! I can't wait to see them! More info at 
Ezhar site.


Open Class Dogs: 1st Xo Ez (CC), 2nd Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros (Reserve CC), 3rd Enigma Second To None At Swanwite.

The judge Ellinor Bothwell, me and Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, "Babe", winning Limit Class Bitches.

BOB Xo Ez "Mellon", and BOS our girl Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie" (from Open Class Bitches)

March 10, Crufts BOS
Blondie", Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina won Open Class Bitches, got her second English CC, and won Best Bitch and ended as BOS! Who could have guessed when she was one year old, she'd end her career as a Cruft's winner? We love it! "Gulan", Farao Anubis Shakira won her class, Post Graduate Bitches. "Maybe-Babe", Hallam's Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi won Limit Bitch. Plupp was 2nd in Open dog.

February 25, Our new Podenco Canario puppy, Galán de Canera De Mouclem, has arrived! 
Or really, I went to Spain to collect him on February 22nd. I had a great stay at the home of the breeder, José Luis Vicedo Castelló, in Agost, Alicante. Thank you ever so much for your fantastic hospitality and all great food I enjoyed there, at restaurants and in your home! I will forever treasure the memory of especially the jamón restaurant. And even more important, for showing me all your own dogs, all your friends dogs, teaching me the finer points of good and bad in Canarios, and for bringing me to a real hunt in the mountains a sunny day out with a pack consisting of 10 beautiful animals, 7 Canarios and 3 Pharaohs, "running their hearts out" in the quest for those illusive speedy little rabbits, which they eventually caught. Anyway, now he (callname Allan) is home, this frisky little rascal, and enjoy his new life sleeping on sofas and running in our snowy garden.

January 29, We, Farao Anubis, is the Top Pharaoh Hound Breeder in England/UK 2006!
And... Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie" is Top Pharaoh Hound Brood Bitch in England/UK 2006! 
Top Pharaoh Hound Dog in UK is Zilo, 
Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr, bred by me and owned by his sire's owner, Marie Richmond. Congratulations!

January 13-15,
Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" got a Finnish lady visit through the stunning bitch Ch Northgate's Northern Lights "Wendy". And, Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro "Pi" also got lady visit, by the sweet Ch Siphra's Foxey Lady "Nikita", also she originally from Finland, but living in Oxelösund, where also Pi spent the weekend. Now we just cross our fingers for lots of puppies, for everyone, everywhere! Crazy, hectic but fun weekend, as it was. But so much fun having Hanna and Wendy here for visit, though we could hardly do anything or go anywhere, as it was right during the terrible storm Per, who struck us badly, putting out our electricity and telephone for quite a while. The phone/PC until recently actually. I also "regretted" it was exactly the time when Pi needed to go to Annakarins & Kias place for the other mating, as I would have loved to join them too for some days. But thanks for the present and the very good care Pi got in your home!

January 5, Göteborg My Dog

Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi "
Babe" was Best Bitch 2nd with her first CC! Plupp was 3rd Best Male. Judge Luis Pinto Texeira, Portugal. About 13 PH entries.


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