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News - Archive - 2006

10 December, Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki.
Today Mr Espen Engh, Norway, judged the 31 entered PHs. We were especially happy since his Best Of Breed turned out to be our 
Ikaros/Plupp, and even more so, as Espen was very excited over Plupp. 

His critique was a oneliner to dream of, but reality today, as he wrote: "An exceptional dog. They don't come any better than this." Also to much joy for us was the fact that Best Bitch 2nd, with CC and reserve CACIB, (which will turn into CACIB eventually) was our wild child who's finally getting serious: Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina, 
"Blondie", only beaten by Finland's Top PH last year. Blondie with this also gained her Finnish Championship! 
Her critique: "Strong well constructed bitch, stands very well on her feet, could be a little more refined, strong classical head, very good ears. Strong neck. Plenty of angulation both ends. Deep capacious, well proportioned body. Excellent legs and feet. Excellent coat and colour. Very sound coming and going, moves with purpose and drive from the side." 
Plupp's Finnish son Northgate's Burning Sky "Jazz", a very handsome young man, was BOB puppy! Pictures from the show, coming.

29 October, Midland Counties, UK.
I got the good news from Christine Dawson and Marie Richmond that we did very well in UK today, as Best Of Breed & Dog CC (his second, only one more to go now!) went to 
Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr "Zilo". BOS & Bitch CC went to Plupp's 9 months young daughter, Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun "Eco", her brother won his class, and 2nd in Open Bitch was "Leela" Farao Anubis Qahira. A Pi-daughter was Crufts qualified. Judge was Nigel Blackstock, Ardvreck PH & Beagles. This was fun, many congratulations to all the owners! (pictures, anyone?)

October, English Pharaoh Hound Club Open Show, Baginton, UK.
Reserve Best In Show, Best Male & BOS was Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr "
Zilo".  Best Puppy In Show was Plupp's daughter Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun. Congratulations to their owners! "Leela" was 2nd in Open this time. Judge? Entries?

September 17, My last litter are 2 years old today, and its also my own birthday!
Many congrats to all my "kids": 
Zoraya, Fariba, Shakira, Qahira, Lileophsis, Zephyr, Apollo, Zephyros, Phoenix, Pegasus. May you have sausage and liver paté birthday cakes today, and lots of fun!

September, Darlington, UK.
Plupp's English daughter Eco, Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun, was Best In Show 3rd Puppy in tough competition at Darlington Championship show! Super congrats to her breeder Christine & Glyn at Lyncris!

Beginning of September, PHCA National Specialty weekend in NJ/NY, USA.
"Little" beautiful, well bodied and sound "
Fenix", Farao Anubis Phoenix, former Blue-Boy, finished his American Championship at Eastern Specialty, during this weekend! Many congratulations to his owner Amy Woodman, I'm so happy for you!  
Extra congrats, of course, to stunning Bek, AMCh Hallam's Bekhenkhons Ra-Qena, who won BIS at the Pharaoh Hound Club National Specialty!
Also our congratulations to all owners and breeders of Ramsan's kids and grandkids, who won almost everything during this weekend, such as BOB & BOS and BOW/WD/WB, almost everyday, AND won at the coursing! Ramses rules, yeay!

August 10, I am half year leader Top Pharaoh Hound Breeder in UK! Thanks to the won BOB's and CC's of my UK exports Leela & Zilo, and my own dogs Ikaros & Ramsan, at shows in UK.

August 6, Houndshow, England
Almost clean sweep for us, though we weren't even there:-) As our little sweet Farao Anubis Qahira 
"Leela" was BOB with her first CC at prestigious Hound show in UK! Ramsan's son Anharbn Akhenaten At Saqqara "Ti" was BOS with his 3rd CC, he is now English Champion! Reserve Dog CC went to Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr "Zilo", and Best Puppy to Plupp's daughter Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun "Noneco". Many congratulations to all of you: Debbie with Leela, and Brian Playfair with Ti, and Marie with Zilo, and all Ti's and Noneco's owners and breeders! Judge was Gabriele Schröter, Germany.


Plupp's daughter Lyncris I'll Follow The Sun - "Noneco"

New UK Champion -
Anharbn Akhenaten At Saqqara 

Plupp (left) BOS at "Skokloster" Sighthound Specialty 2006

July 29, Mariefred "Skokloster", Swedish Sight Hound Club specialty.
Plupp was BOS in a big entry (about 35) of Sweden's top winning PHs competing! Pi was Best Male 5. Judge Frans Gerritsen, NL. Gulan won her class with CK, and her sister Monica/Fariba on Reedly Road was 2nd in the same class, also with CK. We got Russian visitors at this show, as our good friends with PHs from Moscow came over for this show, it was great to see you Masha, we had great fun, wish we met at more shows! Pi is now reunited with all his PH friends at home after 7 months in Russia which gave him a whole bunch of Champion titles from which I'm especially proud of his Russian and International ones. He also left a very good looking litter of 11 pups as a new contribute to Russia's PH breeding, which I guess almost doubled with this:-) Welcome home Pi! And many thanks to Masha Evteeva who has been Pi's mother during his stay in Moskva! Pictures below and above.

Pi - silly face on Red Square - different view

 on Red Square, Moscow, in front of Lenin's tomb or "lit de parade" really, as he still lay there visible. 
The red letters says "Lenin" in Russian. 

Plupp BOB European Winner Dog Show 2006 

June 10, Plupp was Best Of Breed with CC & CACIB & EW-06 at European Winner Show 2006 in Helsinki, Finland!
We are excited over this great win at this big prestigious show! All BOB and BOS get EW-06 titles, as well as the Best Juniors get EJW-06 titles, which also our 
Babe won! She also got Reserve CC. Plupp also became a new Finnish Champion with this CC. Reserve Best Dog & Res CC & Res CACIB was our Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro Pi. In short we had a great day among great friends! Thank you ever so much Saara, for your hospitality! And Masha for help showing some dogs (Pi & Babe at times) and thank you Hanna for all the great photos! Judge for the 20 PHs was Unto Timonen, Finland, Woodbrook's Whippets.

Beautiful Babe, Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, European Junior Winner 2006

Plupp Best In Specialty Show at Finnish PHC "Farkku Show".

June 11, Plupp Best In Specialty Show at Finnish PHC "Farkku Show"
One more exciting day this over busy week, as Plupp was BIS at the Finnish PHC Specialty among 54 entries! His Third Specialty BIS, as he has two previous ones in UK. We also had 
Babe & Gulanentered, and they too had a fantastic day, ending as Best Bitch 2 & 4, from Junior and Young Dogs Class. They were also BIS in their respective age classes as the best dog and bitch from each class compete for BOB/BIS & BOS in that class. Plupp was BIS Champion class as well as BIS totally. Judge was Grant Carter, Benjique Ibizans, UK.

Beautiful Plupp



 Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" Best In Show & Lyncris Til There Was You At Barab Res BIS

June 4,
 Ikaros/Plupp won Best In Show at English Pharaoh Hound Club's 28th Specialty Show!
We are thrilled that our new gem 
Plupp did a repeat performance of last year, once again winning this prestigious old PH specialty, where most of "our" PHs great ancestors has competed over the years, legendary ground so to speak:-) This year there were 45 entries under breed specialist Mr R Moore, (Chellaz PH & Dobermanns). Plupp with this gained his 6th English CC. 

Me and 
Plupp Best Dog & Dog CC and Ramsan Reserve Best Dog & Reserve CC with Debbie.

This year we topped it off even better as we own and bred both Best Dog (Ikaros) and Reserve Best Dog which went to our old legendary 
Ramsan who we decided should do one of very few "last performances" here, as he unfortunately wasn't entered in 2002, and has been away in US since. 

Johnny & Ramsan, me & 
Babe, Jill & Willow, Playfairs Ti. Best Progeny Group. 
(Babe being Ramsan X Mia lines and Willow & Ti being Ramsan X Talkaccatur/Merymut lines)

That years judge Mr Johnny Davies (Talkaccatur) showed Ramsan today in Best Progeny Group which Ramsan won, to our big thrill! Ramsan's offspring were: 
Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, Ch Anharbn Ankahesamun & Anharbn Akhenaten At Saqqara. Photo above. I also had the 2nd Best Progeny Group with Blondie and her offspring. Thanks a lot to you who helped me show them all, Johnny with Ramsan, and in the other group Bernadette Stoneham with Shakira/Gulan and Pam Ayling with Blondie.

Best Veteran Dog was Ramsan. Here with BIS Veteran Ch Serafin Phyllada "Rumour" & Debbie.

Babe was BIS puppy at her debut in the show ring!  
Other results were: 
Blondie 4th in Open Bitch, Shakira 3rd in Limit Bitch, Babe 1st in Puppy Bitch.
Best Brace was won by Ramsan & Babe. 

~ * ~

May 13, Birmingham National Dog Show, England
Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr, "Zilo" was Best Of Breed with Dog CC, his first! Judge was Bernadette Stoneham. Huge Congratulations Marie! F A Qahira, Leela, was 2nd in Open Bitch.

Bibbi, almost 12 years old - smiling. April 2006

April 24, My heart is flooded with sorrow.
Our Bibbi, my First Lady and the most beautiful pharaoh bitch ever, is no more. Will there ever be another one as sweet, goodhearted, quiet, easy to have, beautiful, successful Pharaoh bitch in my life? I doubt it. Bibbi - above all LOVE. See you.
More about Bibbi at 
Bibbi's own page & Anubis tomb & Tribute to Bibbi.

April: Bibbi, Blondie & Gulan were eye tested today, and all are fine.

April 12-19 Shows in Eastern Europe, BelaRussia, Lithuania & Russia.
Monica got her 1st CACIB and Lithuanian CH title in Vilnius 12.03.2006.
And Pi was BOB, BOG-II at a CACIB show in Minsk (Belorus), he's a Belorussian CH now. 
Pi was also BOS at a CAC show in Moscow this week-end. 

Marie & Zilo winning BOB

April 16, 
Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr/Zilo won BOB at the show The Hunting Dogs of Ancient Egypt, in England! Judge Jill Morris. Zilo only got to do a lap of honour in BIS, due to that Debbie Diamond who has shown Zilo before, was the BIS judge today. Congratulations on a nice start, Marie & Grön/Zilo:-) Photo above by D Morris.

April 6, 
Plupp's Finnish litter is born!
Two pups, a boy and a girl, at kennel Northgate's, out of Ch Faouziah's Crown Jewel Of The North. Their names are Before Dawn and Burning Sky. Congratulations Hanna and Heidi on two precious little beauties! Pictures of them here and here 

March 27, 
Pi's Litter in Russia is born!
Six males and five females by Ch 
Farao Anubis Kahiro & Ch Pozhar v Kreml Bank 'H-ta Kemt Hebetkhet. Check for more details, and pictures to come at Reedly Road website.

March 6, First Pharaoh Hound Litter born in Estonia!
Today Ch 
Farao Anubis Nemesis "Jebbe" gave birth to 9 pups (4+5) by Antefa's Qeanu-Kaa. Breeder is Rita Valdna-Pruel. More info about the litter, and new cute pictures, can be found at Ribessita's website

April 4, My first Pharaoh Hound litter was born, 10 years ago! 
In it, one of the breeds most legendary dogs, Ramsan, was born! Also congrats of course to his 9 littermates: Mogge, Zeb, Malte, Ray, Bob, Iris, Diba, Minda, and in heaven: Kbira. I'm very proud of them all! 6 finished their champion titles, and one has 2 CC's. Some of them was never shown. 

Here are their parents,
 Kbir & Napi.

March 11 & 12, Ch Farao Anubis 
Pi/Kahiro is now also a Lithuanian Champion!
Farao Anubis Fariba On Reedly Road was also LitCh at this show.

Argaii & André, winning Reserve Dog CC at Crufts 2006

March 10, Crufts success for Farao Anubis stud males
Ramsan's son Ch Antefa's Minas Tirith was Best Of Breed with Dog CC! (his first English CC) He earlier has a reserve CC at Crufts 2002 when he was only beaten by sire Ramsan.

Plupp's son Argaii-Esik Of The Netherlands was Reserve Best Dog with Res CC, just one year old! Photo above. 18 PHs were entered for judge Sheila Simm, Ezhar PHs, UK. 
Congratulations to Tirith's owners Inger Gelius & Antefas, and to Argaii's owner/breeder Andre van den Broek.


February 28, New photos of Plupp's litter at Lyncris kennel in England!
They are 5 weeks old at the pics, and by 
Plupp and Ch Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris.
Congratulations Christine and Glyn to a beautiful litter! Pics of the pups can be seen at 
Lyncris website, and here.


February 25 & 26, Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow! (Photo above)
Kahiro was BOB with CACIB both days! There were 6 & 7 entries for judges Jean Louis Grunheid & Zafra Sirik. Pi also took part in "Champion of Champions" competition, where he was shortlisted/made the cut for placing among 70 Champions. Congratulations Masha, on Pi and your success! I'm sorry you have a breeder with such a short memory:-) 

February 28, New photos of Plupp's litter at Lyncris kennel in England!
They are 5 weeks old at the pics, and by 
Plupp and Ch Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris.
Congratulations Christine and Glyn to a beautiful litter! Pics of the pups can be seen at 
Lyncris website, and here.

February 23, Meet our new puppy 
Elodie, call name "Babe"! 
Thank you Dominic & Stephen, Linda Witt, and  last but certainly not least Nancy Sowerbutts, for having bred and raised and letting me have this gorgeous and exquisite little girl! I love her! Both her wonderful personality, and her super looks, along with an outstanding pedigree! I see stars in her eyes already:-)

Feb 19, Pi/
Kahiro is now also Ukrainian Champion:-) (How do you shorten that? UKCh?) Along with yet another CACIB. Congrats Masha! 



Bek BOB at Westminster 2006

February 14 - The two Ramsan kids 
Bek & Deja - BOB & BOS at Westminster, USA!
BOB Ch Hallam Bekenkhons Ra Qena (by Ramsan X Kamaraj Qena Saqqara) and BOS Ch Nefer -Temu Mia Samba de Janeiro (by Ramsan X Ch Shema Mia Sizzling Samba). Congratulations to owners and breeders! 

See results and photos and video from judging here

February 12, 
Farao Anubis Kahiro/Pi - International Champion today!
Today at an Int CACIB show in Tallinn, Estonia, Pi was BOB (shortlisted in group) got his last CACIB and the Est CC. He is now INTCH & EstCh. Judge for the 4 entered PHs was Per Iversen, Norway. 

End of Jan - Middle of Feb, 
Svart and Lill has moved to their respective new homes!
Svart is now called Sfax and lives with co owner Pernilla Rosén and her GSD Frida, in Dalarna. 
My little cute Lill has moved even further away - to Chicago USA, to be a beloved companion to Beth and Mike Raduenzel and their Pharaoh Kamaraj Masree Mafekt Poe.

January 29, 
Pi/Farao Anubis Kahiro is a Russian Champion!
Today at a CAC show in Moscow, Pi was BOB with CC and Best Of Group Reserve! Judge in the breed and group was Revaz Khomasuridze, the vice-President of the RKF (Russian KC). With this Pi became the first Swedish bred & owned PH to get the RUSCh title. (The first two Swedish bred PHs to get it was F A Nemesis & F A Mossad, a couple of years ago) Other news today, Monica was BOS with CC, and and Pi & Monica was BIS reserve brace. Congrats Masha, Pi & Monica!

In England Zilo/
Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr was BOB and Group 2nd today! Hurray Marie & Zilo:-) Judge was Martin Sanders.

January 22, Pi/
Farao Anubis Kahiro won CACIB & BD-2 at Turku Show in Finland today shown by Masha Evteeva. Judge was the UK Pharaoh Hound Club chairman, Paul Singleton. Now Pi just need one more CACIB in a third country for his INTCH title!

January 19, Farao Anubis Ikaros/Plupp's English litter born at Lyncris PHs!
Today "Jasmine", Ch 
Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris, gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls by frozen AI from our Plupp! This being the second AI Pharaoh Hound litter in UK :-) They are all big, strong and healthy, dark tan, have short glossy coats, white stars on chests, and 4 of them have white tail tips. Congratulations Christine and Glyn Dawson! 

January 19, Today 
Plupp got an invitation to the English version of Champion Of Champions competition in April!
Only the Top Dog of each breed in UK 2005, are invited to compete, and Plupp was Top Pharaoh hound.  Unfortunately we won't be able to participate, but it's a big honor anyway! Ramsan got the same invitation in 2002. Farao Anubis Qahira "Leela" was Top Puppy in UK 2005! And their father Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin was Top Stud Dog 2005.

In USA Ramsans son Hallam's Bakhu Ra Qena won Best In Field, BIF!

January 17? Ramsan's son Bek wins Eukanuba Invitational!
Congratulations Ch 
Hallam's Bekenkhons Ra Qena on Best Of Breed at Eukanuba Invitational in Tampa, Florida, USA! 17 PH entries. Bek is out of Ramsan and Qena. Huge congrats to his owners Stephen Sipperly, Dominic Carota & Nancy Sowerbutts, on this special win!

January 8, Plupp celebrates his 3rd Birthday! (with gaining his INTCH-crown as well as having his favourite, a peanutbutter rawhide:-)

January 7, Plupp New International Champion!
Plupp, Farao Anubis Ikaros, became INTCH today, hurray! Big KC Int Show was held in Gothenburg, +7700 entries. Torbjörn Skaar, Sweden, judged the 12 PH enteries and picked our beautiful Plupp as BOB among some top winning PHs.

January 3-4 Kahiro is now in Moscow!
Pi will stay for a while in Russia, with my dear friend Masha with the "Reedly Road" Pharaohs, one being Monica from me. This being "just" a loan, as Pi of course is my big goof I need around me:-)

During 2005 we got some more new Champions here and there, of which we are most excited about Plupp's and Apollo's achievements around the world! Also Fariba "Monica" has done extremely well in her new country! (there probably are some things I've missed in this summary)

Farao Anubis Hounds won during 2005:

Farao Anubis Ikaros was BOB 5 times in UK, BOB 3 times in USA, BOB 2 times in Sweden (been abroad during summer...) Specialty Best In Show in England, Groupwin in UK, Group 3rd in UK, Group 2 and BIS 2 in Sweden.
Farao Anubis Phoenix got a Group 4 and many points towards his AMCH.
Farao Anubis Fariba At Reedly Road, got several Group wins and BIS wins & placements in Russia

Farao Anubis 
Ikaros is: 
Top Pharaoh Hound in England (Dog World System)
Top Pharaoh Hound Dog in England (PHC system)
Top Pharaoh Hound Dog #4 in Sweden

Farao Anubis 
Ramses is: 
Top Stud Dog in USA 2005

Farao Anubis 
Qahira is: 
Top Pharaoh Hound Puppy in UK 2005

Champion titles: 
AMCH Farao Anubis 
AMCH Farao Anubis Ikaros
GBCH Farao Anubis Ikaros
SwedCH Farao Anubis Ikaros
AM LC Ch & DC Farao Anubis Ramses 

Farao Anubis 
Shakira (Swed CC)
Farao Anubis 
Qahira (UK res CC)
Farao Anubis
 Fariba At Reedly Road (Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian CC's) 
Farao Anubis Ikaros (UK & Swed CC's)

JC titles in US: 
Farao Anubis 
Farao Anubis Apollo

Our males Plupp, Pi & Ramsan also helped other kennels by siring litters here and there: at Of The Netherlands, at Hallam's in USA, at Faouziah's, at Xemxijas, at Lyncris in UK.

Our stud males were also eyetested and found clear/perfect. Our bitches will also be tested before any litters.


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