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News - Archive - 2005

December 20, About the Plupp litter in UK!
Jasmine (Ch Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris) was scanned today, and found to be carrying at least seven puppies out of the frozen semen from Plupp/Ikaros! We are so happy for this, and really look forward to the little ones estimated birth mid January. And we're especially pleased for that the whole complicated procedure have been successful so far!

December 11, Stora Stockholm (Stockholm International Winter Dog Show) Swedish Winner Show
The 25 entered Pharaohs got a change of judge two days before the show, we got Kenneth Edh. 
Plupp was BM-3rd and Farao Anubis Shakira, "Gulan", won her class, and was placed BB-5, in the tough competition! Gulan got also Crufts qualified by this, but she already is, several times, since her show tour in UK this summer. We're also proud of, and take some honor for, the Ramsan kids who got the SW-05 titles, Tirith was BOB & BOG1 and Lotus BOS.

December 5, Eye exams for Ramsan, Ikaros & Kahiro. All came out clear - perfect healthy eyes, and no signs of HC, PRA or RD. The vet told me Ramsan had great eyes for a 10 yearold! And that she was happy to see so fine eyes. Their results will be sent in to Swedish KC, by the eye vet, and visible at the KC website. 

December 3, Plupp's son Argaii-Esik Of The Netherlands today became Amsterdam Junior Winner -05, and Crufts Qualified! This on his first possible day in grown-up-class, 9 months and 1 day old! Congratulations owner & breeder Andre van den Broek! 7 PHs entered.

November 27, New JC titles!
In USA, the dynamic duo - Apollo & Zoraya, got their JC titles (Junior Courser) at Lure coursing! Zoey was out for the first time, and I think it was Apollo's second LC weekend out. Hurray and Congratulations Libby & Jayme!


November, A forgotten brag is...
That Ramsan's clever son (well... one of them:-) Hallam's Bakhu Ra Qena "Logan", got his Therapy Dog license this spring! He even has his own little ID card with info and face picture:-) Great that also Pharaoh Hounds are able to work for real, and not just have hobbies like hunting (LC) and begging for liver and running around in circles (shows).

November 5, Plupp's son Best Puppy In Show in Holland!
Plupp's 8 months old Dutch son, Chivano-Cartago Of The Netherlands, (out of Ch Esnah-Shamram Of The Netherlands) went BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at a big Int KC show in Bleiswijk, Holland! Super congrats to his owners Sabine de Man, co-owners William Noorthoek and breeder Andre van den Broek. Judge was Mrs. Truus van Adrichem-Boogaart Kwint. There were about 45 puppies competing in the big ring.


The parents-to-be, Plupp & Jasmine! Also the Top Pharaohs in UK 2005!
Plupp BOS & dog CC - Jasmine BOB & bitch CC , judge Jill Peak, Welsh KC Aug 2005

November 3, Good News from England!
Ikaros/Plupp will hopefully be a dad once again, around mid/end of January! The happy lady this time is the dark beauty GBCh Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris "Jasmine". More about the upcoming litter can be seen at the Lyncris website. She just this weekend took the last CC and BOB for PHs this year in UK, and with this passing Plupp for Top PH in UK 2005, Congrats Christine & Jasmine! However we're very proud that Plupp still end this year as Top Pharaoh Hound dog in England, the PH club system, and Top PH totally, Dog World System. Taking the Dog CC at all 5 CC-shows he entered during his short summer career in UK, along with the BOB at four of the five shows. 

October 29-30, Tata, Hungary (Int KC CACIB Show) Another lucky weekend for Monica!
This weekend, two days of shows, Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road "Monica" won Best Of Breed, BJ, Junior CC and CACIB both days.  3 entered PHs. Monica beated Champions from Junior class.
Now she just need 1 HPJ to finish her Hungarian Junior Championship. Congrats Mary & Monica!

September 24, 
Ramsan is back in Sweden!
Thank you Dominic and Stephen for taking such good care of Ramsan during the past 3 years! He is still as fit as a 4-5 yearold, and looks like one too! At 9½ years Ramsan has almost not a grey hair in his face, and all muscles are still in the right places. I feel he could still go out there, anywhere, and kick some ass! But he's now retired. Welcome home Ramsan!

September 18, Ukraine
Another CACIB and CAC for Farao Anubis Fariba, "Monica" was also Best Junior at both shows.

September 16-17  Pocono Mountain KC & Lehigh Valley KC, USA 
Plupp finished his American Champion title in just one week!
Winning BOB over specials two days in a row. First day gave him 2 points and second day 3 points, which together with last weekends 10 points finished him at my very birthday! Hurray! And last but not least, THANK YOU Nancy for everything!

September 17 Darlington, Qahira/
Leela was once again BPIB at a CC show in UK! 
Congrats Debbie & Leela! You'll be a dangerous team next season, I hope :-)
Leela's critique:
Beautiful 11 month old that appealed greatly in all departments & really
filled my eye. Attractive head of correct proportions & balance, feminine outlook,
super eye & expression, graceful arched neck, scores in shoulder placement
depth width of front, elbows tucked in cleanly, super topline, nicely angulated
quarters, excellent side gait, promising show girl moving in harmony with her
handler, will follow her progress, should finish well.
Pam Mottershaw

September 8-9-10-11 USA PHCA Eastern Specialty Weekend in NJ/NY USA!
Plupp gained a total of 10 points (of the required 15) towards his American Championship this weekend!

Fourth day, Westchester KC, Sept 11, 
Plupp went Winners Dog, Best of Winners AND BOS! again over specials and the Top PH! 3 point Major. Judge Bonnie Threlfall, for many years the handler of Oberon, Plupp's grandpa!
Third day, Somerset Hills KC, Sept 10, 
Plupp WD for a 3 point Major, and in the cut for BOB! Judge Lorraine Groshans.
Second day, Tuxedo Park KC, Sept 9, 
Plupp WD, BOW AND BOB over specials & the US Top PH! Which gave him a 4 point Major! Made the cut in the group! Judge for breed & group, Patricia Laurans.
First day, Sept 8, Central New Jersey Hound Association, PHCA Eastern Specialty: Ikaros/
Plupp won his class.
And our most recent American export Farao Anubis 
Phoenix won Best In Sweepstakes at the Eastern Specialty! Congrats Amy and Fenix! I was so happy to get to meet him again, he remembered me and especially Plupp, and got a "happiness-attack"!

September 2, News from UK!
Leela went to the City of Birmingham Ch show in the not separately classified classes and again got Best Puppy. The judge was Stuart Mallard. 

August 27,  More good News from Russia!
Farao Anubis 
Fariba on Reedly Road won the Group at
CACIB show in Pskov, Russia. The judge was Marit Sunde, Norway. Congratulations Masha & Monica on your great starts in Junior class!

August 13 & 14 - Good News from Russia!
2x CACIB shows in Chisinau, Moldova.
 " Monica" - Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road won...
First day - 13/08/05.
BJ, BOB - Monica
BIS-I (braces) Teppo & "Monica"
BIG-I (junior) - MONICA! (they jugde BIS junior by groups)
BIS-III (junior) - MONICA
BIG-I (adult) - again MONICA
Res.BEST in SHOW - M O N I C A! All that being 10,5 months old.

Second day - 14/08/05
BJ, BOB - Monica
BIS-I (braces) Teppo & Monica
BIG-I (junior) - Monica
BIG-I (adult) - Monica
BEST in SHOW junior - MONICA!


Great news from USA!
Farao Anubis Fenix BOB, BOW, and Group 4 from the classes, beating specials! He has now several points towards his AKC Ch title.
 Fenix is also Puppy Hound Group winner! Super congratulations Blue boy, we're so proud of you!

August 19, Welsh KC Championship Show
We had a change of judge the same morning, from Liz Cartledge to Jill Peak. Plupp got his first BOS in UK, along with his 5th CC. 
Lill & Leela won their classes, Gulan was 2nd being the only pup in a big class of older dogs.

August 6, Hound Show, Hound Association
Wellknown sighthound specialist Dagmar Pordham Kenis, Solstrand  Greyhounds, judged the 40 PHs today and our star Plupp was once again the choice for Best Of Breed, along with his 4th CC! Shortlisted in the group/BIS by Liz Cartledge. Bitch Reserve CC & Best Puppy was our Farao Anubis Qahira "Leela", congrats to her owner Debbie Diamond, Surannon PHs! Farao Anubis Naqada
Zephyr was Best Dog puppy.

July 23, Leeds Championship Show
Today Ikaros "Plupp" completed his English Champion title by winning Dog CC and BOB at Leeds, judge Ben Reynolds Frost, Sin's Ibizans. Shortlisted in the group under Jean Lanning. Qahira was Best Puppy in Breed.

Breed critic, Leeds, Ben Reynolds Frost: OD 1, Westman's Farao Anubis Ikaros,
one of the best in the breed I have seen in the UK, excellent in all
departments, best of heads, excellent long neck, best of toplines, so sound on the move.
CC & BOB, understand it was his third, congratulations, pulled out in the last 10 in the group.

July 19, Peterborough "East Of England" Championship Show
Plupp/Ikaros won his second English CC yesterday, with Best Of Breed and Hound Group 3rd placement! (beating this years Crufts hound group winner! Not bad, eh?!
Leela/Qahira was Best Puppy In Breed (over other puppies) at her debut in UK! Congrats Debbie and Leela!
Breed judge was Stuart Milner, Dialynne beagles, Group judge Jeff Horswell Drakesleat dachshounds & wolfhounds.
Group critic, East Of England, Jeff Horswell: Group 3rd, The Pharaoh SweCh
Farao Anubis Ikaros, has the most spectacular outline, masculine all through,
superb head, mobile ears, very well made, just right for body. Just a little
careless on the final run off, certainly grabs your attention the minute you see


July 15, Paignton Championship Show
Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros, Plupp WON the Hound Group at Paignton Championship Show! (after beating about 10-13 in the breed) This is his first Group win so far. Plupp also got a good long look in the BIS final lineup, the judge stood and looked from Plupp to the BIS foxterrier and then back again, same with res BIS riesen. So he certainly was up there, in hot competition with the top:-) Judges were Denise Courtney (breed) and Monica Boggia-Black (Group & BIS).

Breed critique Paignton, Denise Courtney:
Quality dog of lovely type, handsome head, oval eye, keen expression, correct
ears, lean neck nicely arched, flowing into lovely layback of shoulder, good
backline, well sprung ribs & deep brisket, strong hind quarters, well
developed second thigh, excelled on the move covering the ground with little effort,
immaculately presented & expertly handled, BOB & G1

Group critic Paignton, Monica Boggia Black:
 Hound Group: Not the strongest
group of the day. The Pharaoh Hound, Swe/FinCh Farao Anubis Ikaros really stood
out with a lovely outline, super head & ear, front, neck & shoulders, super
turn of stifle, moved well. Rock solid until the photographers came!

Plupp Specialty Best In Show at The Pharaoh Hound Club Show UK 2005, judge Andre van den Broek. BOS Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris. Photo Nigel Blackstock

June 5th, The Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty Show, Baginton, UK
Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" won his first Specialty Best In Show today! He also got his first English CC, and was the judges choice for "Best Head and Expression"! There were 26 PH entries for the judge Dutch breed specialist Andre van den Broek, Of The Netherlands PHs. BOS was Plupp's wife-to-be Ch Ezhar Rough Quest At Lyncris. 
Critic: CC & BIS, Farao Anubis Ikaros, beautiful type with the right combination of substance and nobility, very nice outline, well balanced body, excellent head, good scissorbite, very nice expression, beautiful earset, lovely strong topline, well angulated, nice ribcage, good croup with nice width, well muscled hindquarters, floating movement. Coming a little bit broad. Nice feet, very nice short coat. Well presented, real eye catcher in the ring with lots of presence.

May 13-14-15 We visited The PHCA National weekend in California, USA
We had a wonderful, funny, amazing and interesting trip to USA! Many beautiful dogs to see, very nice people to meet, and lots of things to discover! Tanja Sadelheim from Faouziah's kennel was also joining, and we had so much fun, I think we have never laughed as much before:-) 

Our devastatingly handsome young man didn't do anything real at the shows this time, but I'll say as the governor of CA used to say, "I'll be back!" :-) Ikaros, more known as "Plupp" I think, was 2nd in open class at the National. He almost won it, but was unfortunately placed 2nd in the very last second. He was 3rd in his class the two other days. However, our export to CA, Farao Anubis Apollo Of Lileo won his class all three days in a row, and was Best Puppy at the National, beating many older pups! Congrats Jayme! And also to your WB, a favourite of mine!

BOS at the National was a gorgeous Ramsan-son handled by Stacy Snyder, Ch Hallam's Beekhenkhons Ra Qena, who also won BOB and BIS at the Saturday Hound show, and BOB & BOG 2 at the Sunday. His brother Hallam's Busiris Ra Qena was owner handled to BOW and New champion at the National. BOS at Saturday & Sunday was a Ramsan daughter, the beautiful Nefer-Temu Mia Samba de Janeiro, handled by Pam Lambie. The beauty Rams daughter Hallam's Essence Of Violet was Best In Sweepstakes at the Nat. Huge congrats Stephen and Dominic for the big wins with your two "Ramsan clones" brothers! 

May 17, Ikaros and "Vera" Siphra's Tell Me No Lies, newly wed! 
Puppies hopefully expected in mid July. More info about this very exciting litter (as I think they're a stunning match) at 

April 23-24, My export pups made their show debuts in great style at different shows in USA!
In California, 7 months old 
Farao Anubis Apollo of Lileo was out at shows for the first time in his life, the result was WD and BOW two days in a row, giving him two Majors! Wow! We are so proud of you! 

April 22-23-24 In MA, 
Farao Anubis Phoenix (also 7 mos old) was WD and BOW three days in a row, beating a bitch puppy, but no points this time. At the same shows the Ramsan-kids Ch Hallam's Bekenkhons Ra-Qena and Ch Kamaraj Jezebel Bint Ramz took turns in winning BOB. Congrats to everyone!

April 10, Fariba "
Monica" won Best In Show puppy!
Among many puppies of all breeds, at a big Russian KC CACIB-show in Saratov, Russia! Huge Congratulations Masha, I know you are happy now!

April 9,Ikaros Best In Show 2nd at a Sighthound Show!
Torbjörn Skaar judged the 11 entered PHs at the Sighthound specialty in Skara. Our new pride Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros "
Plupp" was BOB and BIS2/Group 2nd again, only beaten by a US campaigned Afghan. I also showed two of our puppies there, they showed wonderful, and Best Puppy and BIS 3 puppy went to Marie Richmond's Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr and BOS puppy was our own Farao Anubis Qahira, both beating puppies from a different kennel. Group judges was Ingebjorg Steinhaugen, Norway, and Torbjörn Skaar.   

April 8, 
Farao Anubis Phoenix, "Blue boy" arrived to his new home in Boston, MA, USA!
With all his new buddies the Bullterriers at his new "mum" Amy Woodman's Skyline kennel. We wish him much luck, and future success, in his new home!

March 27, Ikaros "
Plupp" Swedish Champion!

I took the train to Stockholm with Plupp and Bibi-Gul. The trip was certainly not in vain! Stockholm Int Swed KC Easter (yes, Easter as with chickens, not Eastern) all breed show, had 17 PH entries judged by Magnus Hagstedt, Signum Whippets, who chosed our beautiful Farao Anubis Ikaros "Plupp" as his BOB with dog CC! Plupp got many admiring words from Magnus who really really liked Plupp:-) With this Plupp became Champion at his first try after the required 2nd birthday! In the finals Plupp continued his successful day with a Best Of Group 2! We had also Plupp's little sister entered in puppyclass, 6 month old Shakira. She did wonderful this first day of showing, with no practice whatsoever before her ring entry she trotted and stacked like a real pro:-) The result was Best Puppy and made the cut (among 8) in the big (about 40-50 breeds) Best In Show puppy final. Group judges was Rodrigues Fernando Madeira, Portugal, and Frank Kane, UK.

March 13, Ramsan new US DC!
My Farao Anubis Ramses just got his US DC title! He completed his American Lure Coursing Champion title yesterday in NJ, at 9 years old and still running like a youngster! So now he is a double DC, both in the US and in Sweden!

Congrats to his daughter (with Samba) Nesa, who won her second major at the same coursing, so that she now is very close to her coursing title as well!  


March 2, Ikaros litter in Holland is born!
We are proud to announce that MultiCh EW-03 Esnah-Shamram Of The Netherlands "Esnah", gave birth to our "Plupp's" Farao Anubis Ikaros first litter! A beautiful litter of 5 dogs and 3 bitches!  
Contact André for more info about the litter: 



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