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News - Archive - 2004

December 5, Helsinki Winner Show 2004! 
Almost 30 PH entries under the great judge Luis Pinto Texeira, Portugal. I'm of course very proud and happy for my young Ikaros "Plupp's" first big win! BOS, winner-title and Finnish CC, and second foreign CACIB, now he just need two Swedish CACIBs for his INTCH title! Finally Plupp has got it all together and started to show like the superstar in making he is:-) 
Both BOB & BOS wins are Cruft's qualifier at this show.

November 13, Swedish Sighthound Club, Borås, BOB & BOS
Ikaros "Plupp" won his first BOB and 3rd CC! It felt as good old times, as we also brought home BOS & Bitch CC with Kamaraj Dessie Belle bint Ramz "Dessie-Mus", at the same show! This being only her second time out at a show, ever! Judge Ingela Kyrklund with BOB & BOS pictured above.  8 PHs + 1 pup. 

November 7, Herning Int, Denmark, Nordic Winner Show 2004
Ikaros was 2nd Best Dog (after Tirith), with CACIB. Judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.

September 17, Our new litter is born!
They are here! The TEN little rascals, five males and five bitches, out of Lileo's Orpheus "Rufus" and Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie". They were born very fast, it took just 7-8 hours for all ten to be born!  They are very beautiful, and in a wide range of shades and types. Some are little Rufuses, some Ramsans and some Swedish looking, and three little blondes. They come in all PH-shades, from light blonde to dark reds. Four have white tail tips. All have very little white on chests, most won't be seen at all when adult. Some none white at all. More photos at "Next Litter" page!

Blondie finally decided for puppy box, after running from, and trying, two mesh-fabric-crates, one which I could fit in as well, to help her, and MY bed (not allowed to do it there), and sofa, and armchair. One was born in the huge mesh-crate. 

Nice people, who can offer a pup a wonderful and loving home, are welcome! A few puppies still available.
Click here for more info about the litter!

Vår nya kull är just född, 17e September 2004! Den är efter en ny spännande kombination! Trevliga valpköpare som kan erbjuda en valp ett underbart hem, är välkomna att kontakta oss! Några få valpar finns fortfarande kvar. Klicka här för mer info om kullen!

September 10, Dessie almost there at LC! 

Dessie got two of the three required coursing runs, for her license to compete at trials! Last third lap have to wait until her 18 months day. Dessie runs light and fast, and understood exactly what to do from first try ever! Quite a natural talent, who I'm sure will be a real threat at trials next spring!

September 2-3, Aakhe finished American Champion during the Eastern Specialty weekend! (pic above)
Aakhe won a five-point major to earn his American Championship today at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club Show in Tarrytown, NY!  There were 19 Pharaoh Hounds entered (11 class dogs), and he took Winners Dog and Best Of Winners.  He also went Best of Opposite from open class, to Melody. 
Also, yesterday at the Eastern Specialty (41 Pharaoh Hounds entered), Aakhe was Reserve Winners Dog to Ramsan's Hallam son. The gorgeous Rams daughter Hallam's Essence Of Violet was WB and BOW some of the days. And her two brothers Hallam's Beekenkhons Ra Qena and Hallam's Busirus Ra Qena took turns in winning WD, BOW and a BOS during the same Specialty weekend. Lots of congrats to all!

August 31, 
Plupp got his Lure Coursing License today! 

August 27
, Congratulations to Dessie, Zabelle, Anibell, Fara, Nitro & Baharia, from the Ramsan & Mera litter at Kamaraj, on their first birthday! 

August 17, 
Congratulations Safi & Aakhe, Top PHs #8 and #12 in USA, from very limited owner handled showing! And the young US born Ramsan kids, Ch Kamaraj Jezebel bint Ramz & Nefer-Temu Samba de Janeiro are the Top PHs #5 and #10 in USA!

August 14, Congratulations to Kahiro, Aakhe, Blond, Ram and Jebbe on their fourth birthday! 
August 10, Congratulations to Safi, Blondie, Kickis, Issy & Bruno, on their third birthday!

July 26, International Lure Coursing Trial at Tammsvik!
Farao Anubis Kahiro "Pi" completed his Swedish Lure Coursing Champion title in some style by winning this prestigious LC trial in tough competition! And is now a DC & SLCCh! 

July 25, Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty Show at Tammsvik
Pi was Best Dog 3, Plupp was in the lineup for Best Dog, Blondie was Best Bitch 2. Entries 31 for judge Jean-Louis Grunheid, France. They all got similar critiques: 

Pi: Excellent type, construction. Very typical head. Excellent earset, neck, topline, chest, angulation, movement, character. 

Plupp: Excellent type, construction. Elegant head. Excellent eye, earset, neck, topline, chest, angulation, movement, character.

Blondie: Good type, construction.  Excellent head, eye, expression. Excellent earset, neck, topline, chest, angulation, movement, character.

July 24, Swedish PH Club Specialty Show at Tammsvik
Pi was Best Dog 4, Plupp was Best Dog 5, Blondie was Best Bitch 4, and Dessie Best In Show Junior, and in the cut for Best Bitch as one of six. Entries 39, judge Bitte Ahrens, Sober's. 

Pi: 4 year old male of wonderful type, masculine and elegant. Super stylish overall picture. Good head, if somewhat simple, correct expr. Well carried ears. Long well set neck with great arch. Excellent angulations front and rear. Beautiful topline and underline. Moves great from side, good coming and going. Well presented with great attitude. In excellent condition. 

Plupp:  1½ year old male of great type, very beautiful head & expr.  Well carried ears. Elegant well carried neck. Correct front, legs and paws. Beautiful topline. Well angulated rear, moving particularly free and efficient from side. Well presented in lovely condition. A dog with great attitude.

Blondie: 3 yearold bitch of excellent type. Beautiful overall picture, tendency to be slightly long, Good head and expr. Correct ears, excellent neck. Very well angulated in front with good legs and paws. Sligthly heavy over shoulder. Beautiful topline and underline, Well angulated rear. Great and elastic movements from side, somewhat wide in front. Well presented in lovely condition. A quality bitch.

Blondie & Rufus, married July 2004!

July 16-19, Blondie visit UK!
Had several successful dates with her American husband in England, Lileo's Orpheus of Serafin! We are hoping for a truly special and beautiful litter born on (or around) my 30'th birthday, September 17! Hopefully it will be a calm double birthday party with lots of soft packages to open!

July 10-11, Double Shows in South of Sweden, Tvååker
Kahiro "Pi" was BOB, CACIB & BOG-3, and Blondie was Best Bitch-2nd with CACIB, Plupp was BD-4 at the Sunday for judge Eleanor Bothwell, UK. All got wonderful critiques: 

Pi: Clean balanced outline, good front assembly, nice arch of neck, strong front, pastern, and well knocked feet. Well rib back and strong over the loin, true rear action, profile: free gait and lovely foot timing.  

Blondie: Quality bitch all over. Lovely proportions. Super strong rear end. In front a little bossy, slightly over develop in muscles in shoulder. Moved around with great enthusiasm. 

Plupp: Handsome dog, in lovely condition. Good straight front legs, straight pasterns, well knocked feet. Strong rear end. Lovely topline on the move. Nice ears, rather clean in head.

Kahiro was BOS at the Saturday and Blondie BB-3rd, judge Paolo Dondina. 10-12 entries both days.

July 3, Ikaros/Plupp won another CC! 
Plupp did wonderful at the two shows this weekend! The first one, the match show, he was BIS-2 (once again). At the real KC show (11 PH entries) the morning after, we had an American judge, James Mitchell. He liked Plupp A LOT, so from youth class Plupp won the CC, Best Male and BOS over several top winning Ch-males once again! With a great critique: "Lovely shape, good balance, nice expression. Good dog to go over. Stands on good legs."
The Ramsan X Bibbi daughter Ch 
Antefa's Lotus was BOB.

June 26-27, Safi BOB at PHCA supported entry!
In USA this weekend,  at a PHCA supported show (Sunday) beautiful Safi, Farao Anubis Ramhira-Ziffa, was BOB over 16 entries! And Safi was also BOS (Saturday, 12 entries)  I'm so happy for you Jan and Safi! At the same show the Ramsan-kids from Kamaraj was BOW and WB/WD!

June 12-13, Pi & Aakhe Group placements!
In USA Aakhe was BOB both days, and placed as BOG-4! Owner handled (the only one), and from the classes! Congratulations, Michelle!
Pi was BOB & BOG-2 and Blondie BOS in Vänersborg SKK nat!

June 6, Several successes for our PHs on this day!
In England, Ramsan's young son Anharbn Akhenaten At Saqqara "Ti" was Best In Show Reserve, and Best Dog with Dog CC at the English Pharaoh Hound Club Championship Specialty! By this beating several UK top winners. Judge Barbara Brooker "Barab" PHs. Huge congrats to his owner Brian Playfair, and breeder Jill Morris! 

In USA, Farao Anubis 
Aakhe won the Hound group at a match show. Congrats to owner Michelle Ward!

And finally, my own 
Plupp was at a match show yesterday, about 100 entries, and showed like a dream! (pictured above) He ended up as BIS-2 and won a huge pile of usable dog stuff, as well as dogfood!

May 15-16, Safi is AKC Field Champion (AM LC CH)!
Safi got a 5 point Major at the Saturday, and a 3 point Major at the Sunday, so Safi is now known as DC Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa, JC, SC! Her father Ramsan won his second Major towards his American LC Championship! He now only needs 6 single points to finish. Congratulations to owners Jan Butterworth and Dominic Carota!

May 8, Blondie is a Champion!
Blondie won the last required CC after her second birthday, to complete her Swedish Show Champion title today! She showed fantastic just like a little Kahira copy! At Skara SKC show, 10 PHs entered under judge Nina Karlsdotter. Blondie was also Best Bitch 2nd. Kahiro was Best Dog 3rd. Ramsan's son Tirith was BOB and BOG!

May 1-2, Aakhe won his first Major in USA!
Aakhe was shown at the Bucks and Trenton shows, with large PH entries. He did very well! Sunday he was WD and BOW (Best Of Winners) with a 3 point Major! Congratulations to his new owner, Michelle Ward, who also handles him!  WB was the young Rams daughter Kamaraj Farah-Far bint Ramz. The day before, Aakhe was 2nd in his class. 

April 17, More LC News 

Aakhe got his American Lure Coursing license and at the same day, but having thousands of miles between them, his brother Kahiro won his 2nd Swedish Lure Coursing Certificate at LC trials in Dingle! Pi had 70 p. Now he only need one more LC CC for his Swedish Lure Coursing Champion title! Blondie was 2nd with 69,5 p. And Sibuna 3rd. 4 PHs competed.

April 9 -11, National Specialty weekend in Georgia, USA
Ramsan ran instead of being beautiful this time, and won the Lure coursing Veteran stakes, along with his first American LC Major! Ramsan & Samba's young daughter Behnessa was Winners Bitch during the National weekend! Ramsan-grandkid AmCh Antefas Naomi-Nekhebi won Best In Show at the Hound Show beating 50 entered PHs, and several hundred other hounds!

March 23, I and Aakhe flew to USA
To deliver him to his new family! Everything went perfect, and they all loved each other from the first day! Aakhe was shown by me and his new mum at four shows during the week. He took his first points and was BOS all four days in a row, also with WD and BOW. BOB was won by either Melody or Kamaraj Jezebel bint Ramz taking turns everyday. Entries ranged from 5 to 8 PHs.

March 14, LC-news 
Ikaros, "Plupp" got his two (of three required) LC-license runs approved. 
The last one has to wait until Plupp reach 18 months of age.

Ramsan BOB at Westminster 2004, handler Stacy Snyder. 

February 10, Ramsan wins Best Of Breed at Westminster!
I'm proud to announce that today Ch Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" won BOB and 
Ch Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa "
Safi" won the 1st Award Of Merit under judge Gary Doerge 
at the very prestigious Westminster Dog Show in the skyscraper Madison Square Garden in New York! 
CONGRATULATIONS to their owners and co-owners! I'm so happy and proud of you, the two most beautiful Pharaoh Hounds in the whole wide world! 



January 2004 

Farao Anubis Ramses,

Top Pharaoh Hound 
in USA 2003! 
(all systems)

Which makes me the breeder and owner of America's #1 Pharaoh Hound, 2003! 

Words are not enough... 
or as our dear Ramsan probably would put it, 
"The world is not enough":-)

Thank you
Dominic Carota & Stephen Sipperly,
co-owners and the ones who "stood for the violins" as we say in Sweden!

Now we look forward to Ramsan's kids and grandkids to take over!

RAMSES "RAMSAN" 7 years old, with AKC handler Stacy Snyder, who did it!

We have had yet another spectacular year!
During 2003 Pharaohs from "Farao Anubis" achieved several prestigious and historic wins! 

Farao Anubis Ramses:

America's Number one Pharaoh Hound, all systems 2003!
& America's No 19 Hound!

AKC All Breed Best In Show in USA!

Seven Group wins during 2003!

Winner of USA Top 10 Event (Pharaoh Hound)

Three Specialty Best In Show wins in USA: 

USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, National Specialty, Hutto Texas, 
Julie Holm, September 16 2003, 90 entries.

USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, Western Specialty, 
Gary Doerge, July 25 2003, 53 entries.

USA, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, Eastern Specialty, 
Carol Duffy, May 5 2003, 45 entries

And one in Sweden: 

Best Of Breed at Tammsvik/Skokloster Sighthound Specialty:
Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro 

2 New Champions & 10 New Champion titles!
Won by PHs bred by us
Farao Anubis Aakhe: Swed.CH
Farao Anubis Kbira: Swed.CH
Farao Anubis Mossad: Russian & International CH, Latvian Ch, Baltic CH 
Farao Anubis Nemesis: Russian, Slovakian & International CH & European Winner -03, Baltic CH 

11 CC's won in several countries
CC's won by PHs bred by us:
5 Swedish CC's
2 Russian
2 Latvian
2 Slovakian 

Winner titles won by our breeding 2003:
European Winner-03, EstW-03, LatvW-03, Latvian Hound Club CH, Slovenian Club Ch

Swedish Lure Coursing CC winner!
Farao Anubis Kahiro

American JC (Junior courser) title:
Ch Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa

In Sweden we have only shown at a few chosen shows during this year...

We wish our pharaoh friends, in Sweden and around the world,
 A Happy New Year! 


December 14, 2003, Stora Stockholm , Nordic Winner Show
Best Male 2nd was my Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro "Pi", it was a very close call between him and the Ramsan-son, Ch Antefa's Minas Tirith, who finally won after many extra laps and decision-anxiety from the judge. BOS was the bitch: Ch Antefas Lotus (out of my Ramsan & Bibbi) Judge: Göran Bodegård, 26 PHs were entered. Many Congrats to Tirith as this win made him Top PH in Sweden 2003! Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro is Top PH male #2 in Sweden, from very limited showing!


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