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News - Archive - 2003

Ikaros "Lilla Plupp" winning his first CC & BOS, 10 months old! photo:Trond Törres

November 16, Young Ikaros hits the rings!
Little (10 months old) Farao Anubis Ikaros, "Plupp", made his debut in the showrings today, by winning his first CC, Best Male (beating the top winning PH male in Sweden right now, and several other champion males) and BOS! The show: Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty Show in Uddevalla.  Judge: Ben Reynolds Frost, Sin's Ibizans, UK.

Ramsan winning BIS at Halloween 2003. Notice the BIS judge Keke Kahn's mask!

October 31, Halloween, Ramsan wins an All Breed Best In Show in USA!
Farao Anubis Ramses, 'Ramsan', becomes Americas 7th PH to win an All Breed
Best In Show! This was the 13th BIS given to a PH in USA.

Multi-Champion Farao Anubis Ramses won his first AKC All-Breed Best in
Show at the Sturgis Kennel Club show held in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This
is a historic accomplishment for him as this makes him the first
imported Pharaoh Hound to earn this honor and distinction.  The breed
judge was Jane Forsyth, group judge was Julie Holm, and the BIS judge
was Keke Kahn.  The total number of dogs entered at this show was 1291,
and from what I have heard the BIS ring was very competitive as the
country's number one dog (the German Shepherd) and the number two dog
(the Pekinese) were also there.

So very well deserved by this magnificent, beautiful, exquisite Pharaoh
Hound! Words is just not enough to describe Ramsan, or the feeling I have
from this win. I'm so happy Ramsan finally (7 and a half years young) won
what he should have won many times, and much earlier in his life. But what
a super way to crown his show career, in the Autumn of his life!

Thank You a thousand times to Stacy Snyder, who does all the hard work with
Ramsan!!! You really deserved to crown him this way! (I only managed to put
a BIS-2 on him) I am the first one to know what a stubborn donkey he can be
to show, when he's having a bad day!

And Thank you so much, Dominic and Stephen, for to make this dream
possible, and for giving Ramsan the best of everything, everyday!

October 19, Lure Coursing training in cold Gothenburg
Xodus & Ikaros tried Lure Coursing for the first and second time, respectively. The loved it, and ran perfectly! 

October 3, European Winner Dog Show 2003, in Slovakia
IntCh Farao Anubis Nemesis "Jebski", is now also EW-03! Congratulations to her owner Rita Valdna Pruel!        20 PHs were entered.  Jebski is now also Slovakian Champion & Slovakian Club Champion, as she won her 2nd CC the day after, at a Sighthound show (judge André van den Broek) in Slovakia!  Congrats!

Ramsan BIS at the big pharaoh hound National Specialty in Texas, USA September 16, 2003. judge Julie Holm, handler Stacy Snyder

September 16, Hutto, Texas, USA, Ramsan wins the National!
Ramsan won Best Of Breed at the National Specialty for PHs in USA, over some 90 entered PHs! This is Ramsan's biggest specialty win ever, and I'm so proud and happy for my beautiful boy!  

This means he has won all three PH specialties held by PHCA during the same year! Only Samba has done this before, in 2002. But Ramsan is the first foreign PH to win the National Specialty!

Ramsan also won 
the prestigious Top 10 event, for America's Top 10 show Pharaoh Hounds 2002! The outcome of this enormous thrilling competition (with 3 different judges, an AKC judge, a breeder judge and a handler judge, giving the dogs points for each body part, the better the higher) was announced two days later, at the banquet (held at my birthday!) September 17th!

I want to thank you all pharaoh people, for one of the most exciting and interesting weeks in my life! It was so nice to get to know you a little bit more, and to finally get to see the faces of those names I know so well from the lists! I had so much fun, and a wonderful time together with friends! (I also got an award for the most authentic Egyptian costume in the costume contest, accompanied by the two Ramsan grand kids, Antefa's Naomi-Nekhebi and Antefa's Pyrramus!)
And also many, many Thank You for all congratulations, both in Texas, and privately in mails, and at the lists!

Ramsan is beautiful and a truly special guy! 
I have known since he was a puppy that he is the best PH in the world... now you all know:-) I'm so happy that more and more people recognize and appreciate Ramsan's unique beauty and wonderful temperament!

There will never be another one quite like him! 

August  16, 
Hound Specialty in Riga, Latvia 
Farao Anubis Nemesis "Jebbe" was BOB with two new titles - Latvian Hound
Club Champion and Club Winner 2003. The judge was Anita Gielisse.

August 10, Another Group Win for Jebbe!
Jebbe was BOB and BOG 1 (once again!)
in Väimela (Southern part of Estonia).

August 2, A New Champion
Farao Anubis Kbira, "Biri", sis to Ramsan, became Swedish Champion in Sundsvall. Congrats to her owners Neta and Bengt Thomsson!

July 27, Narva, Estonia
Farao Anubis Nemesis "Jebbe" won BOB & Best Of Group! Congrats to her owner Rita Valdna Pruel!
July 27, "Skokloster" Sighthound Club Specialty Show
We had a wonderful day at hot 'Skokloster',Tammsvik. My Farao Anubis Kahiro won BOB at
the prestigious Sighthound Club Specialty! Kahiro is a grandson to my
Ramsan, they are very much the same type and shape. 
The Pharaohs had a great day in the finals, winning several of them, 
which is unusual at this show!

My new little star, 'The perfect pup', 6 month old 
Farao Anubis Ikaros
WON the Best In Show puppy, the first time ever for a PH at Skokloster!
Judge, Margaret Martin, Ireland. 

And Antefa's group WON Best In Show Breeders Group amongst all the
Sighthound breeds! The competing PHs in Antefa's group were: Min Moses,
Pharaoh, Nefer-Hetep & Lotus. Judge, Nick Bryce, UK. Huge Congrats to
Annica and Monica!

July 25, 
PHCA Western Specialty, Lompoc California
Farao Anubis Ramses, 
Ramsan, won his second Specialty Best In Show in USA! 53 entries.

July 20
Blondie got her lure coursing license today! 

July 16-19, Vadstena, 4 Int Summer Shows
Kahiro got a BOS and CACIB. Blondie got two more CC's (and is well on her way to her championship, she is still too young to become a champion), and a Best Bitch 3 & a BB- 4 placement. Thanks to my dear friends, Anna & Tanja, Annica & Monica, Inga-Lill with young Antefa's Nefer-Hetep (who beat us all one of the days!), Lotta with Antefa's Meslar (who had equally great success, winning BOB one of the days), I had a wonderful show weekend! I don't think I have laughed as much as during these days, for ages! You all got the best sense of humor! And huge congrats to your winning Ramsan-kids and grandkids!

June 28 & 29, Another Best Of Group for Ramsan in USA!
Our small kennel (in Sweden!) made "the double" by Ramsan winning BOB both days, with his young daughter Farao Anubis Ramhira as BOS on Sunday! Congratulations to their owners Jan, and Dominic & Stephen! BTW, Ramsan ended the days by winning BOG 2 on Saturday, and BOG 1 on Sunday!

June 21, Little Farao Anubis Ikaros made his show debut!
And was BOB-Puppy & Best In Show-reserve Puppy, out for the first time at 5 months old, and got a wonderful critique at the Sighthound Specialty at Tånga Hed. 5+5 PH entries. Judges: Judith & Gary Newton, USA. 

June 14 & 15, A Ramsan son wins Best In Show at a Swedish all breed show!
IntCh WW-03 Antefa's Minas Tirith wrote PH history being only the second PH in Swedish PH history to win a BIS! And the first dog! Huge Congratulations to breeders & owners Annica & Monica Lundqvist and owner Inger Gelius! Breed judge was Carl Johan Adlercreutz, group: Karl-Erik Johansson, and BIS: Norman Huidobro Corbett, Spain.

June 7-8 Shows in USA & Estonia
Ramsan won BOB both days in Washington, and won the Group on Sunday! He also got a Group 3rd on Saturday.
In Tallinn, Estonia, Rita Valdna's bitch Farao Anubis Nemesis was BOB with the title ESTW-03 and ended the day as BOG 2! (only beaten by her own Basenji, Roxy Rocket Out Of Africa) Congrats to all!

June 8,
Farao Anubis Kahiro was BOB with CACIB, and ended up as Best Of Group 3! Breed judge: Fernando Rodrigues Madeira & Group: Eyvind Mjaerum. Best Bitch 2, with CC and CACIB was Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie". Blondie who showed very well this time, when no other Swedish competitor deliberately stumped on one of her rear paws, like one did at the World Show... It is regrettable that we have people in our breed who'll do just about anything to win and put down others, no matter of methods.

June 6, The Ramsan & Samba litter is born!
Today (our Swedish National Holiday, like 4th of July!) the beautiful AmCh Shema's Mia Sizzling Samba gave birth to a litter sired by our Ramsan, and containing 1 dog and 3 bitch pups! This is Ramsan's second litter in USA.

May 29 - June 2, Lots of shows, see Show Results.

May 24, New Swedish Champion!
Farao Anubis Aakhe won his last CC to complete his champion title.

May 17-18, Two new Latvian & Baltic Champions!
Farao Anubis Nemesis was BOB & Group 3 and Farao Anubis Mossad BOS, at the Latvian Winner Show. As they, with this win, also became Champions in the three different baltic countries, they now also are "Baltic Champions". They also got the titles "Latvian Winner-03".

May 19, Ramsan is now The #1 Pharaoh Hound in America, ALL SYSTEMS!
At this link you can check out the current Dog show Top-list standings in USA. Click on "Breed Standings" and/or "All Breed Standings", then chose "Hound Group" then "Pharaoh Hound", to see my Ramsan on top of the lists! 

I also recently got the wonderful news that my exports to Estonia, Farao Anubis Mossad "Blond" & Nemesis "Jebski" are now also International Champions, as they both received their last CACIB's for their titles in Russia in April. My biggest congrats to their owner Rita Valdna for taking so good care of them, showing them so well, and raising them to the great show dogs and personalities they are today! I can't wait until I get to meet them some day!

May 11 Ramsan goes to California!
Ramsan won yet another BOB over a big PH entry, and went on to a BOG 2! Judges Elaine Rigden & (group) Carol Duffy.

May 5, Ramsan & Naomi did the double, again!
Ramsan won BOB, and Naomi BOS & BOW, (gaining her AMCh) over 20+ PH entries! Judge Djordje Tesic.

May 4, Pharaoh Hound Club Of America, Eastern Specialty, USA
Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" won his 3rd Specialty Best In Show, but his first in America! 45 entered PHs from most US breeders! Judge was Carol Duffy, USA. BOS, and Best Of Winners went to his Swedish grand daughter Antefa's Naomi Nekhebi, only 1½ year old, and still in the classes! What a lucky day!

April 26-27, St Petersburg, Russia
Farao Anubis Mossad "Blond" was BOB, and Farao Anubis Nemesis "Jebbe" BOS. And then Blond went on to win a BOG 1 ! Both Blond and Jebbe got CC's, so they are now also Russian Champions! Judge was Sharon Sackson, USA. Yet another BIG Congrats to their owner Rita Valdna!

April 24, Grand-kids born!
Ch Farao Anubis Sibuna gave birth to a litter of 7 males, sired by Ch Nofretete Bauneh-Pepi.
Owner and breeder of this litter is Ingrid Johansson. More details on "
Future Plans"! 

7 + 0 Farao Anubis barn-barn födda! 
Ch Farao Anubis Sibuna födde den 24 April 2003, 7 hanvalpar efter Ch Nofretete Bauneh-Pepi.
Uppfödare och ägare till kullen är Ingrid & Curth Johansson. Mer detaljer på "
Future Plans"!

April 21
Farao Anubis Kahiro won and got his first LC CC, and ended up as Best In Field 5 (out of 9 different sighthound breeds) at the trials in Hjältevad 20-21 April. Six PHs competed.

1st, 79 points & LC CC & BIF 5, Farao Anubis Kahiro
3rd, 74,50 points, Antefa's Menkhar
4th, 71 points, Farao Anubis Aakhe
5th, 68,25 points, Antefa's L'Odéah

April 20 
Farao Anubis Ramses is now the No 1 Pharaoh Hound in USA! (breed system)
Ramsan is now USA's Top PH, so far this year, and current #3 Top PH, all-breed system! 
We have also another PH on the top 20 list in USA, Ramsan's young daughter AmCh Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa "Safi", current placed as #16 Top PH in USA! (breed list) Huge CONGRATS to Ramsan's owners Dominic Carota & Stephen Sipperly, and Safi's owner Jan Butterworth!

April 16, New litter plans & more group placements for Ramsan!
Details on 
Puppies and Show results.

April 4, A new Ramsan litter will be born in end of May 2003, in USA! 
(And Happy Birthday Ramsan! 7 years young today!) 

Ramsan has mated the beautiful AmCh Shema's Mia Sizzling Samba! 
Samba was The Top PH in USA 2001 & 2002, is Dual Champion, multiple Group Winner, Specialty Winner, Westminster Winner.
Breeder of this very exciting litter, are the owners and breeders of Samba: Emily & Sara Kerridge, Nefer-Temu PHs & Pam Haig, Mia PHs, USA. 
More info about Samba, and this litter, on the site: 
Nefer-Temu Pharaoh Hounds

March 8, Yet another American Group Win for Ramsan!
Today Ramsan won his 4th group win in USA, judge: Gary Doerge. More on Rams US results from February and March, on 
Show Results

And at this link you can check out the current Dog show Top-list standings in USA: 

Ramsan is the #2 Top PH in USA, breed system,
and the #3 Top PH in USA, all-breed system!

February 14th, At Valentines day! 
One bitch puppy born at Kamaraj kennel, sired by Ramses! And new American 
show results, from Feb 15-16.

February, Farao Anubis Mossad "Blond" Best In Show 2 in Estonia!
Blond won BOB, BOG and ended up as BIS 2! His sister Farao Anubis Nemesis went BOS. Breed & Group judged by G McDowell, Ireland. Huge Congratulations from us, to "The Twins" owner Rita Valdna-Pruel!

January 30-February 2, Ramsan BOB at four shows in a row
This past weekend in USA, Farao Anubis Ramses won 4 BOB's along with a Group 3 & a Group 4!

January 24th, Kamaraj-litter by Ramsan expected in USA!

AMCH Kamaraj Mera-Tal-Ka is expecting a litter by Farao Anubis Ramses!
The litter is due in mid February. More about this exiting breeding on 
Future Plans & Sired Litters!

January 20th, 
Ramsan is invited to the Champion Of Champions
contest in England!

"As the Top Pharaoh Hound, your dog, Ch Farao Anubis Ramses, has qualified for "The Contest Of Champion Show Dogs 2003", to be held in London, April 5th. 
The event is limited to 64 of UK's top winning dogs in 2002 (all breeds), and is judged on a match system by three overseas judges."

January 19th, Farao Anubis Mossad won the Champion Of Champions 2002 contest in Estonia!

Huge congratulations to Rita and our favourit "innocent" Blond, from all of us at Farao Anubis!  Picture below, from this lucky event!

January 13th, Ramhira Ziffa "Safi" BOB in USA

Safi did great this weekend for her first time out as a Champion! Today, Safi won Best Of Breed over 6 other Pharaohs! Under Mrs. Gayle Bontecou at "Merrimak Valley Kennel Club. Then Safi went on to the Hound Group and made the "Cut". 

January 8th 2003, Our fifth 
litter is born! 

Two wonderful boys were born January 8th 2003! They are out of MultiCh Antefas Kahira "Bibbi", and sired by Lileo's Orpheus At Serafin "Rufus". Rufus is bred by Libby Leone & Jayme Jones, Lileo's PH's, USA, and owned by Marie Richmond, NAQADA PH's, UK.

The two boys are named XODUS and IKAROS. One is dark tan and one is medium tan. They both have beautiful long heads with much under jaw, long necks, powerful rears with much angulation, and long tails with white tail tips. White stars on chests.

January 4th, Congratulations Nisse!

Yet another of Ramsan's  kids is now Champion!
Antefas Meslar, 
"Nisse",  is the sixth dog to finish in Antefas M-litter, born 1999 (out of  Ch Puressence Dandaloo Doowi, of all Antefa's origin) and sired by Ramsan.

What a year we have had!
During 2002 Pharaohs from "Farao Anubis" achieved many very prestigious and historic wins! 

Best Of Breed at Crufts Dog Show, England
Farao Anubis Ramses, as the first foreign PH ever!

Best Of Breed and World Winner in Amsterdam, Holland
Farao Anubis Ramses, once more! This is his 3rd WW-title!

English Champion & American Champion
Farao Anubis Ramses, being the first Swedish bred/owned PH ever to gain these titles!

5 New Champions & 12 New Champion titles!
Won by PHs bred by us
Farao Anubis Ramses: AMCH & GBCH & SLCCH
Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa: AMCH
Farao Anubis Nemesis: FINCH, ESTCH, LITCH & LATVCH
Farao Anubis Mossad: FINCH, ESTCH & LITCH
Farao Anubis Kahiro: Swed.CH

Swedish Lure Coursing Champion
Farao Anubis Ramses, as the first Swedish PH ever! (and to date the only Swed one)

Group Wins in England & America
Farao Anubis Ramses won the group in England & three times in USA! 
Several group placements, 2nd - 5th place, in USA, England, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Japan,  won by several different Farao Anubis PHs.

Ramses is Top PH in England
"Dog World system"

Ramses is also #6 Top PH in USA
 In just four months of showing Ramsan rocketed himself to the very Top! (all breed system) Ramsan is also #9 Top PH in USA (breed system)

25 CC's won in several countries

CC's won by PHs bred by us:

6 Swedish CC's
5 English (4 CC's & 1 res CC)
6 Estonian 
2 Finnish
2 German
2 Lithuanian
2 Dutch

In Sweden we have only shown at a few chosen specialties during this year...

We wish our pharaoh friends, in Sweden and around the world,
 A Happy New Year! See you in the rings next year!


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