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News - Archive - 2002

December 20th, Ramsan is now #6 in USA!

Ramsan has climbed the list again! He is now the current #6 PH in USA! (all breed stats) Follow this link to check out Ramsan on US current Top PH standings!

Click on All Breed Stats, then click on The Hound Group, then click on Pharaoh Hound for statistics.

December 17th, American babies and Russian babies!

My Kahira/Bibbi is surely in whelp, there's no doubt anymore! The proud father of this exciting litter is the stunning American Lileo's Orpheus.  

Ch Farao Anubis Mossad "Blond", will have pups in Moscow, Russia in February! 

Ramsan was away at shows in Chicago last week/weekend and won four more BOB's and a Group 3rd, judge James Watson.

December 9th, More great news from Finland/Estonia!

Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis was placed as Best Of Group 5th, in the final at Finnish Winner Show! Group judge: Lisbeth Mach, Schweiz.

December 8th, Farao Anubis-success in Finland! 

Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis won BOB, CC, CACIB and the title Finnish Winner-02 (FINW-02) at Finland's biggest and most prestigious KC show, Finnish Winner Show in Helsinki! 

"Jebski" can with this CC now also add the Finnish Championship to her previous Baltic Champion titles. Jebski defeated many of the Finnish top winning PH's in the tough competition of 18 PH entries.

Her brother "Blond", Ch Farao Anubis Mossad, was placed as Best Dog 2nd, also with CC, which means he's also a Finnish Champion now! 

Huge Congratulations to Jebski's and Blond's wonderful owners, Rita and Illar Pruel in Estonia! 

December 7th, Tirith truly is "Lord of the Rings"!

I got wonderful news today! Ramsan's beautiful son Ch Antefas Minas Tirith won BOB, and the title Swedish Winner -02 (SV-02) at Sweden's biggest and most prestigious KC show, Stockholm International Winter Dog Show! Over 20 PH entries, coming from most Swedish PH kennels, and some from abroad. 

Well done Inger and Tirith! You truly deserved this!

November 25th

Ramsan is 
Pedigree Chum and Dog World UK Top Pharaoh Hound 2002. 

November 21st

Ramsan has climbed the US Top list again, and is the current #7 PH in USA! (group standings) And his last shows are not even counted yet, and the year is not yet ended...!  

November 16-17th

"Ramsan had a great weekend in the Syracuse New York Group. He took a Group 3 on Saturday and a Group 3 on Sunday... behind the #1 Afghan and Elkhound in the US! "

November 17th, I got a new Champion today!

Farao Anubis Kahiro received the last CC for his Swedish Championtitle today!

November 1st-15th

Back home from UK. The trip included the successful mating of 
Antefas Kahira to Lileo's Orpheus. Oh, yes, and I visited some very nice PH breeders as well, and met a lot of beautiful red dogs! At Beayncara "my" one year old boy "Issy" looked better than ever, I'm sure he will do great in the future, as soon he's out! And Ramsan's young kids at Anharbn are also looking great! A certain red dog pup is like Ramsan's clone, quite unbelievable! I wish them all luck for the future. I also visited the big and thrilling Egyptian collection at the museum in Swansea, nice! 

Ramsan is Top PH and #9 in the Hound group at Group Champions Competition 2002 in England! 
And this after being shown only three times in UK!

November 9th-10th
Ramsan won BOB and Best Of Group 3rd, in Alabama, USA.

October 25th, Ramsan is America's current #8 Pharaoh Hound! 

A Top 10 placement will render him a place in the prestigious "Top Ten Competition" held in Texas next September! Of course I have to go over for the five whole days of  PH events, shows, coursing and the named Top Ten PH from 2002! Like a Christmas eve for a PH lover, I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm lucky to also be able to celebrate and spend my birthday in USA during this PH week! I was told someone will fix a party for me...:-) How lucky I will be to have all my favorite PH people around me for my birthday! Could it be better?
Today Ramsan also won BOB over USA's #2 PH, and went on to a Group 2nd placement!

October 19th-20th, Albany/Troy Shows, Ramsan wins his third Group Win! 

Ramsan was BOB along with his third Group win in USA, after spending just one and a half month over there! Breed judge: Carol Duffy, and group judge: Dr Indeglia. BOS on Saturday for Eric Liebes.

October 11th-13th, three shows in Ohio

Ramsan won BOB and got pulled on Saturday and Sunday in the Group and received a Group 2 under Roger Hartinger on Friday! So far Ramsan has Two Group 1st, One Group 2, One Group 3 and One Group 4.

September 26th-29th, 4 AKC shows in the New York area

Ramsan have had a tremendous success since his arrival to USA, less than a month ago! And he got his American Championship within this month! This weekend Ramsan won another Group 1st in USA, judge Elaine Rigden! And a Group 3rd under Michael Canalizo! And he was BOB at all four shows! (short listed in the group at the other two) 

Ramsan gained his American Championship! 

With this win Ramsan became the first Swedish owned PH ever to gain this title! And he's also the second American champion from my breeding. 

I want to thank Ramsan's co owners, Dominic and Stephen, a million times for making this (until now) dream come true! And especially for taking care of Ramsan in such a superb way, giving him everything he wishes for, and more! I know, and have seen how much he loves and adores you (and the other way around!) you  make such a handsome team!

Of course I also want to thank Stacy and Michael for their perfect handling of Ramsan!

September 22nd, AKC show in Wisconsin, USA

Another BOB and 1 more point for Ramsan! Now he has 14 points, and need only one more point for his AmCh-title!

September 14th & 15th, two AKC shows in Michigan

Ramsan won the Hound Group in USA!

Great News Again!
Today Ramsan WON the Group in Goodells, Michigan, and picked up two more points towards his American Championship! Ramsan holds now a total of 13 points, of the required 15. 

Ramsan pulled off Group 4 under Mr. Hartinger. Who also commented that Ramsan was one of the best Pharaoh Hounds he has ever seen. Ramsan also picked up one more point towards his championship. 

September 5th-8th, PH specialty & AKC shows in New York area.

First week out in USA Ramsan wins two 5 point majors & Best Of Winners, one at the big Eastern Specialty, and one at an AKC show with 30 entries. Ramsan  just needs 5 more point to finish his American Champion-title!

Ramsan's 1 yearold daughter Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa became my first American Champion when she finished her championship on September 6th! Big congrats to her "mum" and owner Janet Butterworth! "Safi" is more beautiful in reality, than I ever could imagine! What an outline!


Farao Anubis Nemesis & Farao Anubis Mossad became Estonian and Lithuanian Champions, the first time out since their required second birthday! Big congrats to their "mum" Rita Valdna-Pruel in Estonia!

September 1st, Ramsan and I flies to America!

I now proudly announce that my gorgeous boy, Ch Farao Anubis Ramses is coming over to USA (back to his roots, his grandma is a Shema!) in the beginning of September to stay for a year 'doing' USA!

Ramsans new co-owners are Dominic Palleschi Carota and Stephen Sipperly, who so kindly offered me to campaign Ramsan during 2003.

Watch out for The BIG RED at the Eastern Specialty, on September 5th!

August 16th, Ramsan won the Hound Group in England!

Ramsan obtained his English Champion title as the first foreign owned/bred PH ever! Ramsan is currently Top PH in UK!

Farao Anubis Ramses gained his UK title today in some style - by winning BOB (so remaining unbeaten in the UK) and the Hound Group! (note that in the UK PH's are still where they belong in with all the real hounds). Breed judge: Espen Engh, group judge: Hans Lethinen.

Farao Anubis Aakhe, "Åke", took the reserve CC, and Best Dog-2!

Ramsan gained his title in the minimum number of shows required in the UK (3) and took BOB on each occasion.  He was shortlisted in a very strong group at Crufts and also took Group 4 at East of England.  

July 27- August 4th

Safi" (Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa) has been doing fabulous! She now has 13 points and needs two points to finish her American Champion title! 

July 27th at the Providence County KC, Safi won Best of
Breed over 3 Specials!!!!! and got a 3 point major. The judge was Cynthia Schmick.

Next, this past weekend, August 3rd at Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Safi got BOS. The judge was Helen Miller Fisher. 

On Sunday, August  4th at Cheshire KC, there were a total of six Pharos. Safi got Best of Winners (getting 1 point). The judge was Rhoda Winter Russell. 

July 27-28-29th

Skokloster PH & Sighthound Specialties!

We are very happy and pleased to announce that at the PH specialty our young (not yet two years old) up and coming star Farao Anubis Aakhe, "Åke", won Best Dog, CC and BOS under Merymut's handler Marjory Williams! Aakhe was also Best Working Class PH in Show. And our Ramses Progeny Group won Best In Show group! Kahiro won Best Young PH in Show! Kahira was placed Best Bitch 3rd. Nemesis Divina placed 3rd out of 7 in Junior bitches.  Not less than 44 PH's was entered. 

At the Sighthound specialty Aakhe was placed as Best Dog 5th, out of 33 entries, under Joan Goldstein.

At the Lure Coursing trial both Aakhe and Kahiro did very well, and was placed 3rd and 4th out of 11 entered PH's, of which several was LC Champions. 

On our way home we visited a long lost son of Ramses, I haven't seen him since he was a small puppy. What a surprise! It is always nice with pleasant surprises! Four years old Farao Anubis Ra is the very image of his famous father! Big, dark and beautiful, with a superb front, and super movements. And he is off lead most of the time, and very well behaved, and has never been sick a day in all his life. I would do almost anything to get that super beautiful dog back, but unfortunately for me, his owner loves him;-) But he will come out at shows occasionally. Pictures of the two "clones", father & son together (of course they became best friends from the first second), coming soon!

July 16th

Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" won Best Of Breed gaining his second English CC, and on top of it all went Best Of Group 4th, at the East Of England show in Peterborough. Breed judge was Debbie Wills-Codd (22 entered PH's), and Hound group judge Eleanor Bothwell.  Ramsan's little baby daughter Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie", won the bitch CC and BOS from junior class (just 11 months old) as well as Best Puppy In Breed. With this win Blondie is now qualified for Cruft's for life. What a great day I had!

Aakhe & Kahiro in front, Blondie & Ramsan behind, my breeders group at the World Show, Amsterdam.

July 5th

Ramsan won his third World Winner title together with Best Of Breed at the World Show in Amsterdam, Holland!  Judge was A Stuifbergen Hoetjes, 37 PH entered. Kahira & Kahiro won their classes. My breeders group was shortlisted in the final, photo above.

June 16th

In USA, 
Safi won Winners Bitch, and got another point today, on her way to her American championship! Seven PH's was entered for judge William Cunningham. 

May 26th - June 12th

Matings, matings!

In England, Jill Morris (Anharbn) mated her bitch GBCh Anharbn 
Jazz to my Ch Farao Anubis Ramses.

In Norway, Wenche Överland (Al Mozel) mated her bitch Ch Al Mozel Amneris to my Ch Antefas Menkhar. 

In Sweden, Annica Lundqvist (Antefas) borrowed my bitch Ch Antefas 
L'Odéah for a litter with her Ch Antefas Jabbah-Kaa. 

Farao Anubis Ka At Beayncara "
Issy", is now delivered to his owners, Amanda Murray, Jean Merrilees & Jeanne Druce, (Beayncara) England.

And last but not least, I have decided which dog to use for Ch Antefas 
Kahira's last litter! Details on "Puppies"!


In Estonia, Farao Anubis 
Mossad won BOB, CC, CACIB, Estonian Winner-02 title &  Best Of Group 2nd! His sister Farao Anubis Nemesis was BOS, also with CACIB & ESTW-02 title. Three PH's was entered.

Ramsans daughter Antefas Myrrah got her IntCh title, in Germany, and the weekend after, now in Sweden, Myrrah won her first Lure Coursing Certificate! Several PH's was entered.

May 12th

In Japan 
Kickis, Farao Anubis Ravishin' Dream Electra, was shown (at Kinki International FCI show, 1300 entries) for the very first time, and won BOB and BOG 4! Just 9 months, and 2 days old! Good girl! Many congratulations to her loving owners Taeko and Jun Nishijima!

May 4th-5th

In USA, 
Safi , Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa, did a fabulous job this weekend! She won big on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Puppy Bitches: 1st
Winners Bitch: 1st
Best of Winners: 1st
This gave Safi a 5 point major! So, she now has a total of 6 points. There
were about 21 bitches that she beat and I think about 17 dogs she beat!!!!!! (Safi is only 8 months old!)
On Sunday (the Trenton Specialty, 83 PH's), Safi came in
second in the Puppy bitches 6-9 months Sweepstake class, and in the regular Puppy bitch 6-9 months class she came in second also.
But, it was certainly Safi's weekend! 

Ramsan's & Kahira's granddaughter Antefa's Naomi-Nekhebi won the 6-9 months class at the Trenton Specialty! And was placed as Reserve Winners Bitch after Safi, on Saturday! (Naomi is only 7 months old!)

April 28th

Great news! Our girl in USA, 
Safi (Farao Anubis Ramhira Ziffa) won her first point today!
First Safi won the 6-9 months class, then she won Winners Bitch, and then Best Of Winners, and then ended up as BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) ! Only 8 months old!
4 PH's were entered, both American and "Swedish" ones, but Safi was the youngest! 

April 20th 
Ramsan wrote  breed history (I have to give him a pen set soon:-)when he gained the Swedish Lure Coursing Champion title as the first and only (to date) Swedish Pharaoh Hound ever! A super day (sunny and hot) on a field in the south of Sweden. But it started bad, with a broken car, as usual! 
I never thought we could make it to the trial in time (or at all) that day, and begun to give it up! 
Ramsan, Åke, Kahira & I arrived with friends to the trial, in the last minute! I just got a quick glance at the starting list, and which colour they should wear! Seven PH's were entered, 4 males and 3 bitches, most of the Swedish breeders were represented. 

1st Ch Farao Anubis Ramses won with 71,25 points
2nd  Farao Anubis Aakhe, 70,50 p
3rd  Faouziah's Ankhcheperure  70 p
4th  Ch Antefa's Kahira  68,50 p
5th  Ch Enigma Joyful Spirit  67,75 p
6th  Ch Farao Anubis Sibuna  65, 25 p
7th  Ch Siphra's Super Trouper  62,75 p

In Germany my Estonian "twins" Jebbe (
Farao Anubis Nemesis) & Blond Farao Anubis Mossad) won BOB & BOS, CC's, CACIB's and the German Winner title, "Berlin Sieger -02"! Judge Kari Järvinen.

April 14th

Safi was shown in USA for the first time this weekend! She behaved very well and won her class "Puppy Bitches", and went on to Winners Bitch, to compete with the grown ups for the points. 

In Sweden young 
Viggen won his third CC and ended up as BM-3 after two Antefas champion males, and Nemesis Divina, Blondie, was BOS Puppy, all at a sighthound club show in Skara, near where we live.

April 7th

We were at the coursing track today, and Kahiro "
Viggen" ran his last required lap to get his LC-license!

April 1st(!)

Aakhe, L'Odéah & Menkhar got their Lure Coursing licenses, and Kahiro just need one more run to get his! So, soon I will have 6 PH's to start at trials, exciting! 
Hopefully we in Sweden soon get together 12 entered PH's at the trials, so they will provide the breed with 2 LC-certificates at each trial, one for the best dog, and one for the best bitch! 

Little Blondie and Isbjörn also tried to catch the "rabbit"! They ran very good their first time they "raced" in their life, though even puppies in training must have muzzles on at coursing nowadays, due to the Swedish wildlife protection rules.

 March 8th                 

I want to thank all of you for all support and all your congratulations after Ramsan's Cruft's win, I had never dreamed of that I would get so much positive response from all over the world! THANK YOU!

And many, many thanks to you who helped me and who made this very special win possible, Jill, Mandie, Jean & Jeanne! And of course Jan Scotland in Germany! And also to Inger Gelius, my friend and brave travel companion! And to Wenche Överland, who took the beautiful pictures!

England, Cruft's Dog Show, The Kennel Club, March 8, judge: Zena Andrews-Thorn, GB. 36 entries (16+20).

BOB, CC, Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" also made the cut in the big Hound group! 
Ramsan's critic: Very close between 1 & 2 . Winner absolutely exquisite head, elegant arched neck, sound front, good bone, strong pasterns, good quarters, well carried tail, in such tough hard condition and a good colour.

BD-2, res CC, Antefas Minas Tirith
critic: Equally well built.Wonderful flowing body, and powerful impressive rear, great mover also. Two high quality Pharaoh's!

1st in Limit Dog, Farao Anubis Kahiro
critic: Most lovely head, long, lean and well chiseled, parallel planes of foreface to back skull, lovely ears, good bone, lovely houndy body, powerful impressive quarters, long stifles and low hocks, in good condition and fine coat.

2nd in Open Bitch, Antefas Kahira
critic: A good honest sort, a mite straight in shoulder but otherwise a beauty, lovely body, fit and moving well and a great head.


March 2-3, Estonia  

 BOG 3, CC, Farao Anubis Mossad
BOS CC, Farao Anubis Nemesis 


January 6, 2002

ur young Farao Anubis Aakhe won BOS with his first CACIB and third CC, at a KC show in Göteborg. "The love of my life", Ch Antefas Luxor, was 2nd best male, and Ch Antefas L'Odéah bb-5.

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