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>> My Pharaohs >> in memoriam, females - Napi

Int. Nordic Fin Ch. KBHV-95 SW-96 NordW-96 NW-01 SW-01 SBIS
Enigma Shining Hickory - "Napi"

Enigma Shining Hickory "Napi", fotot taget av Annica Lundqvist, sommaren 1995 (Napi 2 år)

(Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa x Ch Enigma Sophia)
May 19 1993 - April 10 2005

My second Pharaoh Hound, and The Ramsan mother.

Napi & Spirit of the Sphinx, 1995Top Pharaoh Hound in Denmark 1995

Napi is the first and only Pharaoh hound ever in our Nordic countries awarded Best in Show at an International Kennel Club Show! She is also the first PH bitch to go Best in Show in Europe! She won over 2 400 dogs of all breeds at an International Dog Show in Biri, Norway in 96, judged by Espen Engh and Rainer Vuorinen.
A weekend after she won group 10, judged by Paul Stanton, at the Danish International Dog Show in Kolding.

Napi was Best In Group 5 at the Finnish Sight hound Clubs official Dog Show in Helsinki –97 and won Best in Show finally, leaving the borzoi from group 10 second. The judge at that time was Bitte Ahrens.


Kbir 7 years old & Napi 3 years old Kbir me & Napi February 2nd 1996
Napi with Kbir, her tall dark and handsome husband, on the early magic morning when Ramsan finally was made. Just when we thought we had to give it up and head home again undone!

Instead we all very contented afterwards enjoyed a wonderful Danish breakfast with red sausages and weinerbröd. Of which of course the most important persons (Kbir & Napi) also got their share :-)


Napi 8 years old 10 years old 10 years old 9 years old
pics by Enigma and Xemxija kennels

Int. Nord Ch. EW-95 NordW-98 Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa DKUCh SUCh KBHV-89 WW-89 Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis Fallohide King Ramses Tutankhamon
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Leetbank Serket
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Int. Nord Ch. EW-95 NordW-98
Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa

Int Nord Ch SBIS
Enigma Sophia



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