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Farao Anubis Litter #6

D.O.B. September 17th, 2004
5 dogs & 5 bitches
sire: Lileo's Orpheus At Serafin
dam: IntCh, MultiChampion Champion Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina


Beautiful Apollo with professional handler Andy Linton, at Lompoc 2005AMCh Farao Anubis Apollo Of Lileo JC
"Apollo" 1 year old
owners Libby Leone & Jayme Jones, Lileo PHs,
Hips: PH-358F39M-PI
Patellas: PH-PA64/39M/P-PI
Elbows: PH-EL49M39-PI
GBCh Farao Anubis Naqada Zephyr

owner Maria Jean Richmond, Naqada PHs, UK
2 BOB's & 2 CC's in England, res CC Houndshow
(show photo by Alina Svald)

no picture available Farao Anubis Pegasus
USCh, FinCh, EECh, LTCh, LVCh, LTUW-08, LVW-08
Farao Anubis Phoenix - Exp Finland

Sweepstakes Winner, BOG 4 & Puppy Group Winner
Owner: Saara Mattero, Pareesa PHs, Finland

17.09.2004 - 06.04.2016

RUSCh Farao Anubis Zephyros

2 years old at the photo
Owners Masha Evteeva & Nina Niederman, Russia

Russian Champion, Moldova Champion, Lithuanian Champion
Farao Anubis Fariba On Reedly Road - exp Russia
2xGroup Winner

17.09.2004 - 06.02.2015

Farao Anubis Lileophsis
Loved & clever pet

17.09.2004 - 12.10.2016

GBCh Farao Anubis Qahira exp UK
"Leela" 1˝ year old
owner Debbie Diamond, Surannon PHs, UK

2 BOB's & 3 CC's in UK
res CC winner, UK
Top Puppy UK 2005
Farao Anubis Shakira
1 CC, breeder owned

2004-09-17 - 2016-09-07

AMCh, AM LC Ch, DC Farao Anubis Zoraya Of Lileo SC
"Zoraya" 2 years old

owners Libby Leone & Jayme Jones, Lileo PHs, CA, USA

Lileo's Orpheus At Serafin AM CH
Beltara's Pantooset Oberon
Beltara's Khansun
CH Twinley King Sesostris
Beltara's All that Glitters
Beltara's Xara Talkaccatur Xafra
Beltara's Dark Temptation
Lileo's Putn On The Ritz
Phaererin's The Magician
Beltara's Lileo Sanskrit
Lileo Phaererin Forevr Amber
Lileo's Neferka Gallant Sarah
Amhearst Woods Kwanza Xewla
Lileo's Double Sprit
INT SWE FIN Irish, SK Belg, RUS, LT, Montenegro Ukrainian, Belorussian, Romanian, Hungarian, RKF Champion
BOS at CRUFTS-2007
2xCC in England
Top brood bitch in England - 2006
Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina
CH Farao Anubis Ramses CH Kbir-Ramses El Kabul CH Fallohide King Ramses
CH Shema's Khantessa
CH Enigma Shining Hickory CH Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
CH Enigma Sophia
CH Antefa's Kahira CH Antefa's Hapi CH Merymut Adonis
CH Antefa's Farah Dibah
CH Antefa's Farah Dibah CH Antefa's Bchepherure
CH Antefa's Crio-Sphinx



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