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Farao Anubis Litter #3


Dob 14 of August 2000
4 dogs and 1 bitch
sire: SCh JWW-00 BDJSG-00 Antefa's Menkhar
dam: IntCh NordCh WW-98-00-01 Antefa's Kahira


Beautiful Aakhe, 3 ˝ years old, in USA, April 2004 AmCH, SwedCh, LC-license in USA & Sweden, Groupplacer in USA Farao Anubis Aakhe exp NY, USA
IntCh, EstCh, RusCh, DC, SwedCh, JWW-01, SLCCH
Farao Anubis Kahiro

Group Winner, IntUCh RUSCH FINCh ESTCh LITCh LatvCh BalticCh Farao Anubis Mossad

male exported to Rita Valdna-Pruel, Ribessitas Kennel, Estonia.

Group Winner in St.Petersburg, Russia,
April 2003!
Group Winner & Best In Show 2 Winner in Estonia, Feb 2003!
Winner Of Champion Of Champions 2002, in Estonia!

BOG 2 & 3,
BOB's & BOS'
LTUJW-01 Estonian Winner-02, Berlin Sieger.
Ram in Japanese garden, May 2002Farao Anubis Ram exp Japan

male, exported to Taeko Nishijima
Ravishing Dream PH Kennel, Japan
8 months old at the photo.

Group Winner, EW-03 IntUCh RUSCH FINCh ESTCh LITCh LatvCh SlovakianCh BalticCh Farao Anubis Nemesis exp Estonia

bitch exported to Rita Valdna-Pruel, Ribessitas kennel, Estonia.

Group Winner 2003!
Reserve CACIB at The World Dog Show in Dortmund 2003
BOB & BOG Reserve at Finnish Winner Show in Helsinki 2002.
Euro Winner-03, Finnish Winner-02, Estonian Winner-02, LJW-01, LW-01, RJW-01, LTUJW-01, Baltic Winner-01, German Winner
Several BOB's & BOS',
BOG-3, BOG-4,
Best In Show Junior reserve.
1 year old at the photo


SUCh Antefa's Menkhar MultiCh Farao Anubis Ramses Ch Kbir Ramses El-Kabul Ch Fallohide King Ramses
Ch Shema's Khantessa
Ch Enigma Shining Hickory Ch Antefas Jabbah Kaa
Ch Enigma Sophia
Ch Puressence Dandaloo Doowi Ch Antefa's Hapi Ch Merymut Adonis
Ch Antefas Farah Dibah
Ch Antefa's Joppedi-Joppeda Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Ch Antefas Farah Dibah
Int & NordCh World Winner -98 -00 -01 Antefa's Kahira Ch Antefa's Hapi Ch Merymut Adonis GBCh Merymut Aquarius
Merymut Chety
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah Ch Antefas Bchepherure
Ch Antefas Crio-Sphinx
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah Ch Antefa's Bcheperure Ch Chefren
Ch Enigma Seshat Ata
Ch Antefa's Crio-Sphinx Ch Nefers Akhesemer Ahr
Ch Merymut Marna



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