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Farao Anubis Litter #1

Farao Anubis Abuwtiyuw

male, not shown.
6 months old at the photo.
Owner: Ann-Marie Öhlander

Group Winner, BIS-reserve winner, NordicCh SCh NCh FINCh
Farao Anubis Isis

bitch, owned by Anna Larsson at Faouziah's PH kennel.
BOB and BOS wins, several Group placements and Group Winner & Best In Show 5 at an all breed KC show.
Foundation bitch at Faouziah's kennel.

Kbira 7 years old SCh Farao Anubis Kbira

bitch, 4 months old at the photo.
BOB at a Sighthound specialty, under breed specialist Gabriele Schröter, Germany.
Owner: Neta & Bengt Thomsson, Mocowodoo kennel.

Farao Anubis Lotus

1 year old at the photo.
bitch, shown once, Champion Quality, CK
Owner: Birgitta Gjester
2 CC's Farao Anubis Nofret

bitch, 2 years old at the photo
2 CC's, BOB and BOS wins
Owner: Marlene Danielsson
Farao Anubis Osiris

male, shown once, Honour Prize.
9 months old at the photo.
Owner: David Prowse

Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" 3 years. photo Ejerstad & Wastiaux, Italy Best In Show Winner, 16 x Group winner, AMCh GBCh IntCh NordicCh SCh NCh DKCh FINCh SLCCh WW-98-01-02
Farao Anubis Ramses JC, SC, DC, Am LC Ch
SCh NCh Farao Anubis Seth
SCh NCh Farao Anubis Thutmosis

BOB wins.
6 months old at the photo.
Owner: Annika Rasmussen & Knud Johansen

MOGGE 2 yrs SCh Farao Anubis Tutanchamon

male, owned by Angelie Sutt
Swedish Champion, BOS wins.


IntCh DKCh LUXCh LP1 JWW-89 KBHV-90-91
Kbir Ramses El-Kabul
Ch Fallohide King Ramses Tutankhamon Ch Starky
Ch Ryttergårdens Nefrit
Sabah Ch Starky
Ch Ryttergårdens Mythra
Ch Shema's Khantessa Ch Twinley King Sesostris Ch Twinley King Akhnaten
Ch Twinley Queen Sekeeta
Ch Changa's Shema Suntorri Ch Shema's Thoueris
Ch Changa's Narsissas Of Re
IntCh NordCh
Top Pharaoh Hound 2002
Enigma Shining Hickory
Ch Antefas Jabbah Kaa Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis Ch Fallohide King Ramses
Ch Leetbank Arusa
Ch Antefas Farah Dibah Ch Antefas Bchepherure
Ch Antefas Crio-Sphinx
Ch Enigma Sophia Ch Merymut Adonis Ch Merymut Aquarius
Merymut Chety
Ch Enigma Saphira Ch Antefas Chnupi-Chnum
Ch Enigma Shepenopet



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