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>> Litters Bred >> Farao Anubis Litter #6 >> Lill

Farao Anubis Lileophsis - "Zaza"

(Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin X Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina)
female, owned and loved by family Hansson, knl Kin-Chin, www
17.09.2004 - 12.10.2016

My very special girl, my rosebud and little baby-bird.
Pink collar girl, namesake to a flower, "Liliopsis".
Cutest of them all, with a special twinkle in her eyes, always looking for adventure and something fun to do.

Between 6 weeks and 1˝ year old at the pictures

Lill 1˝ year old at the two snow pics

Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin AmCh Beltara's Pantooset Oberon JC AmCh Beltara's Khansun Twinley King Sesostris
Beltara's All That Glitters
Beltara's Xara Talkaccatur Xafra
AmCh Beltara's Dark Temptation
AmCh Lileo's Put'n On The Ritz AmCh Phaererin's The Magician SC AmCh Beltara's Lileo Sanskrit CD
AmCh Lileo Phaererin Forevr Amber
AmCh Lileo's Neferka Gallant Sarah AmCh Amhearst Woods Kwanza Xewla
AmCh Lileo's Double Sprit
INT SWE FIN Irish, SK Belg, RUS, LT, Montenegro Ukrainian, Belorussian, Romanian, Hungarian, RKF Champion
BOS at CRUFTS-2007
2xCC in England
Top brood bitch in England - 2006
Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina
CH Farao Anubis Ramses CH Kbir-Ramses El Kabul CH Fallohide King Ramses
CH Shema's Khantessa
CH Enigma Shining Hickory CH Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
CH Enigma Sophia
CH Antefa's Kahira CH Antefa's Hapi CH Merymut Adonis
CH Antefa's Farah Dibah
CH Antefa's Farah Dibah CH Antefa's Bchepherure
CH Antefa's Crio-Sphinx


Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin
Reserve CC-winner in UK

INTCh, MultiCh, MultiW
Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina



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