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>> My Pharaohs >> females - Dessie

Kamaraj Dessie Belle bint Ramz - "Dessie"

(ICh, MCh, MultiWW, MultiW Farao Anubis Ramses X AmCh Kamaraj Mera-Tal-Ka)
Female, dob August 27, 2003
Our first import, bred by Marilyn Smith, Kamaraj PHs, USA
Complete bite

1 CC & BOS

Dessie is a real sweetie, and a real beauty as well! Among other things she has the great classic Merymut head I adore, with the beautiful correct eye set and expression, perfect parallel head planes and strong jaw line. To go with that, she has a long elegant neck and flowing bodylines.

Dessie was in the cut (as one of six) among adult bitches for Best Bitch, and Best In Show Junior at Swedish PHC Specialty at Tammsvik, 39 entries for judge Bitte Ahrens - Sober's.
Critique: 11 months old bitch of excellent type. Great in all parts, beautiful head and expression, well carried ears, elegant neck with beautiful arch, excellent front, beautiful topline and underline, very typical movements from all views, well presented in lovely condition. Very promising.

AmCh GBCh IntCh NordCh SLCCh WW-98,-01, -02
Farao Anubis Ramses
IntCh DKCh LUXCh LP1 JWW-89 KBHV-90-91
Kbir Ramses El-Kabul
CH Fallohide King Ramses Tutankhamon
CH Shema's Khantessa Twinley King Sesostris
Changa's Shema Suntorri
IntCh NordCh KBHV-95 NordV-96 SV-96-01 Enigma Shining Hickory CH Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Ch Antefas Farah Dibah
CH Enigma Sophia Ch Merymut Adonis
Ch Enigma Saphira
AmCh Kamaraj Mera-Tal-Ka AmCh Merymut Neferkare Merymut Birling Bahri Bahri
GBCh Merymut Astarte GBCh Prince Merimes
GBCh Merymut Aurora
AmCh WW-97 Kamaraj
Qena Saqqara
AmCh Merymut Achilles GBCh Merymut Aquarius
Merymut Chety
AmCh Beltara's Kamaraj Itz-Mjx AMCh Kamaraj Al-Dabaran
AMCh Beltara's Dark Temptation



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