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>> My Pharaohs >> in memoriam, females - Bibbi

International Champion, Nordic Ch, Finnish Ch, Swedish Ch, Norwegian Ch, Danish Ch, KBHV-96-97 NordV-97 EW-97 SV-97 WW-98 EW-99 FINW-99 NordV-99 WW-00, Multi SBIS, WW 2001
Antefa's Kahira - "Bibbi"

(Ch Antefa's Hapi X Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah)
July 9 1994 - April 24 2006
Eye tested April 2006 - Clear, no signs of Cataract, PRA or RD.
Has the right amount of teeth

My 3rd pharaoh hound, but my first Lady - forever
Exquisite outline - Fabulous movements
Bibbi lives on in her many famous children and grand children spread over the world

Bibbi have had four litters, she had her first litter with Ramsan in 1998. Her second litter, with Menkhar in 2000, the third litter was born 2001, also out of Ramsan, and her fourth and last litter in early 2003, by Lileo's Orpheus.

World Winner & BOB, Best Of Group & BIS 4 at World Dog Show Finland 1998
World Winner & BOS World Dog Show Italy 2000
World Winner & BOS World Dog Show Portugal 2001
EW-97 & BOB, BOG 4 Euro Winner Dog Show Denmark 1997
EW-99 & BOS Euro Winner Dog Show Austria 1999

Nordic Winner 1997 & 1999
Swedish Winner 1998
Finnish Winner 1999
Copenhagen Winner 1997
3 Group Wins and many Group placings

Top Pharaoh Hound 1998
Top Pharaoh Hound 1996
Top Pharaoh Hound Bitch 1997
Top Pharaoh Hound Bitch 1995
Top Brood Bitch in Sweden 2001
Top Pharaoh Hound Denmark 1997

Best In Show 1997

3 times Specialty Best In Show

BOB & Group 4 at EuroWinner Dog Show Copenhagen 1997

Bibbi was my dreamgirl, a "one in a million", who makes everything seem so easy! She was breathtaking beautiful, with long curvy bodylines like a well chiselled statue, and had a fabolous big sidegait. As to temperament Bibbi was the sweetest, most sincere little lady one can imagine, she couldn't hurt a fly, and never makes any fuzz or noise, she just always want to please me, and be cuddled.

Kahira "Bibbi" with the BIS pokal, Bibbi almost took it with her on the way down! In the end of the day Bibbi was near to get it anyway, with her BIS 4 win over 16000 dogs!
BOB, Best Of Group & BIS 4 at World Winner Dog Show Helsinki Finland, 1998

Bibbi 11 years & 9 months old - April 2006

Grandmother Bibbi 12 years - daughter Blondie 5 years - Granddaughter Gulan 1˝ years old
Bibbi with her daughter Blondie & grand daughter Shakira in April 2006

BOB Skokloster Sighthound Specialty 1998
Bibbi being photographed on the podium at Euro Winner Show 1997 Denmark

Specialty Best In Show at Swedish PHC 1997, Judge Espen Engh
BOB, BOG 1 & BIS 4 at World Winner Dog Show Finland 1998
BOB & Group 3 Swedish KC show 1997

Me, Bibbi, Napi & Trixi in September 1994 / 7 weeks old August 1994

Ch Antefa's Hapi Ch Merymut Adonis GBCh Merymut Aquarius Ch Merymut Antares of Chater
Ch Caversfield Tifla Merymut
Merymut Chety Ch Merymut Smenkare
Merymut Hetepheres
IntCh NordCh Swedish Winner-89 -90 -91 -92 -93
Antefa's Farah Dibah
Ch Antefa's Bchepherure Ch Chefren
Ch Enigma Seshat Ata
Ch Antefa's Crio-Sphinx Ch Nefers Akhesemer Ahr
Ch Merymut Marna
IntCh NordCh Swedish Winner-89 -90 -91 -92 -93
Antefa's Farah Dibah
Ch Antefa's Bchepherure Ch Chefren Hakem Tar-Rabat
Enigma Sati Nofer
Int Nordic Ch LP
Enigma Seschat-Ata
Int Nord Ch LP Merymut Khephri
S & SF Ch Merymut Nephtys
Ch Antefa's Crio-Sphinx Int & Nord CH FinW-82
Nefers Akhesemer Ahr
Chasselis Bahri
Dufas Annina
Ch Merymut Marna Merymut Beni Hasan
Merymut Hetepheres




Antefa's Hapi

IntCh NordCh MW
Antefa's Farah Dibah



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