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Farao Anubis - with Pharaoh Hounds since 1985

For me it all started in 1985 when I was ten years old and bought my first Pharaoh Hound, Antefas Elodeah, ”Trixi”, from Annica and Monica Lundqvist, in Stockholm. I was lucky to turn to the top winning breeder, Antefa's.

Trixi, who I soon handled to her Swedish and International Championship, lived to be 14 years old, and she really got me interested in PH's, showing and breeding, though she never had puppies. I have had Pharaohs since then. I have always loved to paint and photograph PHs, here you can see some of my paintings. I started breeding Pharaohs in 1996 under the kennel prefix Farao Anubis. It is a small scale breeding (one litter every, to every second year) and all my eight dogs lives in my house with me. They even take turn to sleep in my bed!

My aim is to breed elegant yet powerful classic sighthoundtype Pharaoh Hounds with outstanding movements and sparkling radiance, and who wants to do their uttermost in the showring as well as on the lure coursing field (being the only hunting trial allowed for Sighthounds in Sweden).

The members of my pharaoh family are:

My beautiful, dark red "moving machine" Multi Ch & Multi Winner Farao Anubis Ramses ”Ramsan”, born 1996. After spending 3 years living the American dream with Dominic Carota & Stephen Sipperly in USA, Ramsan is now back with me in Sweden, and retired from shows forever.

Farao Anubis Ikaros " Plupp" born January 2003, son of Lileo's Orpheus and Antefa's Kahira. Our newest and brightest star. Not to be outshined by anyone when it comes to beautiful outline. (our cover boy at this website)
Crufts Best Of Breed winner 2008. BOB at Skokloster Sighthound Club Specialty under Bo Bengtsson 2008, about 60 entries. Group 1 in England, Best In Show winner in Sweden.

Farao Anubis Kahiro "Pi", son of Fr'Ankh and Bibbi, born 2000. Classic longlined Antefa-beauty with long springy sidegait. BOB at Skokloster Sighthound Specialty 2003.

Farao Anubis Shakira, "Gulan" daughter of Lileo's Orpheus & Blondie, born September 2004. A blonde, in all possible ways.

Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, Babe, born June 2005 (Ramsan X Melody), bred by Carota, Sipperly, Witt, Sowerbutts in USA. Dark red wild and untamed beauty.


Antefas Kahira, "Bibbi", past away in April 2006. The "one in a million" and breathtaking beautiful and fabolous moving MultiCh & Multi Winner, Antefa's Kahira "Bibbi", born 1994. My dreamgirl, who made everything seem so easy.

Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina "Blondie" born 2001 (Ramsan X Kahira), former show-hater, nowadays loving it, now also an all-breed-BIS winner, is now shown by Masha Evteeva in Russia, Europe and all over world.

Kamaraj Dessie Belle bint Ramz, born 2003, (Ramsan X Mera) from almost pure Merymut lines, 2CC's.

SLCCh Farao Anubis Ramses gaining his second Lure Coursing Certificate.

SLCCh Farao Anubis Ramses gaining his second Lure Coursing Certificate.

I want first and foremost to sell our puppies to loving, caring people who already has, dog- or even better, sighthound-knowledge, and who are really interested in or already are into showing and breeding. But of course, every inquiry from nice people, who can offer a pup a wonderful and loving home, are welcome!

The Pharaoh Hound is a breed which demand much exercise (of non-stressful kind) and have to run free or run in a fairly big garden/kennel, at least 1-2 hours per day to be able to grow up to be a calm, harmonic, perfectly adapted and really the best possible dog companion to a person or family!

Pharaoh Hounds from Farao Anubis kennel can be found in the following countries except Sweden: England, Estonia, USA, Russia, Japan.

I have bred six litters until today, including the Top Pharaoh Hound in USA 2003, Top Pharaoh Hound in Sweden 1997, Top male -98 & 2000, Top stud dog 2000, 2001 & 2002, Cruft's Best Of Breed Winner 2002, Westminster Best of Breed Winner 2004, National Specialty Winner in USA 2003, Great Britain Champion, American Champion, International Champion, three times World Winner and two times European Winner, 10 times group winner at International KC shows as well as AKC All Breed Best In Show Winner and Group Winner at American and English KC Shows, and Best In Show 2 winner, Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan".

As well as several International, American, Swedish, Nordic, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Slovakian & Lithuanian Champions, and three Group Winners and Best In Show placers. We have bred three Lure Coursing/field Champions, two Swedish and one in USA, and two LC Certificate/point Winners!

My fourth litter was born in August 2001, out of Farao Anubis Ramses and Antefas Kahira, this being their second and last litter together, and since the first litter was so successful and beautiful, but leased out to kennel Antefa's, I really wanted a litter of my own! So August 10th 2001 Kahira gave birth to two boys and three girls! I kept one of the girls, Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina. Her sisters Ramhira Ziffa & Electra went to USA & Japan, and her brother Farao Anubis Ka went to the kennels Beayncara (former Merymut) & Anharbn, in England.

My fifth litter is born in January 2003, again out of Ch Antefa's Kahira, but this time combined completely with new bloodlines in the shape of the stunning American dog Lileo's Orpheus At Serafin. The litter only contained two boys, Xodus & Ikaros, of which I kept the latter.

My sixth litter was born in september 2004, out of Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina, and sired by Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin.

Our seventh litter of 6 puppies, was just recently born, in March 2009. Out of Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro and Ch Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi.

My dogs biggest successes!

The Crufts BOB win, in England March 2002, with my breeder/owner handled Farao Anubis Ramses "Ramsan" I consider as the top moment in my dog career, so far!
Ramsan winning the American National Specialty for Pharaohs in Texas 2003, over some 90 entered PHs from all the US top breeders, is also one moment I treasure in my heart forever! Though I wasn't his handler at that show. The same week Ramsan also won the prestigious Top 10 event in Texas, for America's Top 10 show Pharaoh Hounds 2002!
Best in Show 4 at the 1998 World Dog Show in Helsinki among about 16 000 entered dogs of all breeds, was my beautiful four-year-old Antefas Kahira, ”Bibbi”! What a moment of happiness! It was one of those moments which make "everyday life" and work, worth living!
And the year 2000, she won the World Winner title once again, this time in Milan, Italy. AND the year after, 2001, the World Dog Show was held in Portugal, and Kahira made it once more! She won her third(!) World Winner title in a possible row, 1998, 2000 and 2001! (1999 WDS was held in Mexico, and we in Sweden are "forbidden" to travel outside the EU with dogs) In 2002 The "World Championship in dogs", were held in July in Amsterdam, Holland. 47 Pharaoh Hounds from many countries, including a whole bunch from the breeds country of origin, Malta, was entered. Ramsan won the World Winner title 2002, and Best Of Breed again! So that he now holds a total of 3 World Winner titles! As both Farao Anubis Ramses and Antefas Kahira holds 3 World Winner titles each, this remarkable achievement makes them the breed (if not also among all breeds?) record holders (the only living ones) in number of WW-titles.


... and something more about me ...
I have always loved to paint and photograph PHs, here you can see some of my paintings.



© Farao Anubis